Youtube Creator Q&A with Bryan Elliott | Summary and Q&A

June 5, 2021
Behind the Brand
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Youtube Creator Q&A with Bryan Elliott


Brian gives updates on recent shoots, new equipment, and offers a Q&A session on topics like brand strategy and YouTube marketing.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How can we measure the success of a brand strategy?

Success in brand strategy depends on defining clear goals and metrics for measurement. It varies based on individual goals, such as increasing brand awareness or achieving sales targets. Prioritize goals and identify your target audience to determine how to measure success.

Q: Is YouTube still a viable way to reach people?

Yes, YouTube is still a valuable platform for reaching and engaging with an audience. New creators continue to break through the noise, and there is room for unique perspectives and content. Focus on creating valuable and audience-focused content to make the most impact.

Q: How do you propose an interview to a bigger YouTuber or brand?

When reaching out to bigger creators or brands, emphasize your unique strengths and what you can offer. Showcase your deep domain knowledge or propose filling a specific need they have. Focus on adding value and serving their audience to increase your chances of getting a positive response.

Q: Facebook vs. Instagram for marketing as a photographer, which is preferred?

The preference between Facebook and Instagram depends on where your target audience is. If your audience consists mainly of young brides or 20-somethings, Instagram might be more effective. Consider the demographics and interests of your target market to determine which platform to prioritize.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Brian updates viewers on his recent shoots and busy filming schedule.

  • He talks about using the Canon C70 and Canon 24-70 RF lens for his shoots and his positive experience with the equipment.

  • Brian invites viewers to ask questions about YouTube, brand strategy, marketing, and more.

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