CHELLA MAN on #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig | Summary and Q&A

June 28, 2021
Grace Helbig
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CHELLA MAN on #NotTooDeep // Grace Helbig


In this episode of "Not Too Deep", Chellaman discusses his art, activism, and book "Continuum", which explores his experiences with deafness, transgender identity, and more.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does Chellaman describe himself and the work he does?

Chellaman describes himself as an artist who identifies as deaf, trans masculine, genderqueer, Jewish, and Chinese. He is also a curious individual who explores various identities through his art.

Q: What is Chellaman's TED Talk about?

Chellaman's TED Talk, titled "Becoming Him," discusses his gender journey, highlighting his identification as genderqueer and the importance of existing beyond binary concepts of gender.

Q: What inspired Chellaman to write the book "Continuum"?

Chellaman wanted to condense his personal revelations and experiences into a digestible format for others who may be exploring their own identities. He aims to challenge traditional notions of gender, disability, and race, encouraging readers to deconstruct societal boxes.

Q: How did Chellaman turn his cochlear ear implants into jewelry?

Chellaman collaborated with the fashion brand Private Policy to design earpieces that accentuate and amplify his cochlear implants, rather than concealing them. The pieces were inspired by his desire for agency and self-expression over his body.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Chellaman is an artist, activist, and author who shares his journey to self-acceptance through his various identities.

  • He discusses the anxieties of putting art on display and how he turned cochlear ear implants into high-end jewelry.

  • Chellaman talks about his TED Talk on gender identity and the importance of representation.

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