Back to the Basics | Prosci Tim Talks | Summary and Q&A

August 16, 2019
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Back to the Basics | Prosci Tim Talks


Prosci Change Management focuses on helping individuals embrace and adopt change through a combination of technical solutions and people-oriented strategies.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why is change management important in organizations?

Change management is important in organizations because it helps prepare and support individuals through organizational changes, ensuring successful transitions and project outcomes. Through change management, employees can embrace and adopt new technologies, processes, and cultural shifts, leading to organizational success.

Q: How does Prosci define change management?

Prosci defines change management as the process of preparing, equipping, and supporting individuals through organizational changes. It focuses on helping employees embrace, adopt, and effectively use the changes, leading to successful outcomes for both the project and the organization.

Q: How does Prosci measure the success of change management efforts?

Prosci measures the success of change management efforts by evaluating the impact on individuals during their change journey. The effectiveness of communication messages and the extent to which people understand and embrace the change are key indicators of success. Ultimately, success is demonstrated by improved outcomes for individuals and projects.

Q: What does Prosci mean by "outcomes desired actions required"?

"Outcomes desired actions required" is a key concept in Prosci's approach to change management. It integrates individual and organizational change management. "Outcomes desired" refers to the desired changes in individuals, such as increased awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement. "Actions required" are the strategies and plans that practitioners implement to support impacted employees through their change journey.

Q: What types of change initiatives can Prosci change management solutions be used on?

Prosci change management solutions can be used on all types of organizational changes. Whether it's a large-scale HR diversity strategy rollout or a small team process improvement, Prosci's approach, which focuses on individuals and scaling activities around them, is applicable. As long as the change outcomes depend on people changing how they do their jobs, Prosci's change management can lead to better results.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Change management is about preparing, equipping, and supporting people through organizational changes.

  • Successful change requires both technical solutions and people embracing the change.

  • The success of change management efforts is measured by the impact on individuals and project outcomes.

  • Prosci's approach focuses on individual change journeys, desired outcomes, required actions, and is applicable to various types of organizational change.

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