Spinning Spider Yarns | Summary and Q&A

March 18, 2015
World Science Festival
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Spinning Spider Yarns


The speaker shares entertaining stories about tarantulas and spiders, emphasizing the importance of exploring and creating colorful stories in the natural world.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why should you not let your mother flush a seemingly dead pet tarantula?

Tarantulas shed their skin once a year, and it can take them a while to emerge from the old skin. Flushing a tarantula during this process may result in them getting lost.

Q: What was the speaker's memorable experience in Mexico regarding cave tarantulas?

The speaker went on an expedition with cavers to find live cave tarantulas, which were previously known only by dead specimens. During the journey, one tarantula crawled up a person's pant leg, causing excitement and a bit of panic.

Q: Can tarantulas be dangerous to humans?

While tarantulas can give nasty bites, they are generally not dangerous. However, it's always best to handle them with caution and avoid causing harm to these endangered species.

Q: What interesting behavior does the jumping spider exhibit?

Jumping spiders, like the murari Lupa species from Sri Lanka, have a long nose-like appendage that splits into two enormous fangs when they encounter a male of the same species. They engage in fierce battles, resembling Gladiators, rearing up similar to Rocky in the movie.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker shares a cautionary tale about not flushing a seemingly dead pet tarantula, as it may be shedding its skin.

  • The speaker recounts an adventurous trip to Mexico to find live cave tarantulas, including a humorous incident where one crawls up a person's pant leg.

  • The speaker concludes by showcasing a curious jumping spider species that engages in intense battles using its long nose and fangs.

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