Basic Needs - Grant Rant 196

August 15, 2014
Grant Cardone
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Basic Needs - Grant Rant 196

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You are not interested in “getting by.” You are interested in getting enough so you can succeed.

Grant Cardone: You need more than basic needs to succeed. You need more than just a job, you need more than just he alt coverage, you need more than just and education, you need more than a place to come to work and you need more than just your basic needs. What are basic needs? Look, basic needs are; housing, food, clothing and transportation. You need more than that. If that’s all you are looking to get, that’s all you will get. Life is brutal. You are not planning on emergencies, that’s why people are shot “oh my God, I’m so surprised that happen.” or you hear about the media. The media says “there are more bankruptcy because of some terrible sickness, well that’s true. But the reality is...

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