Developing a Winning Brand Strategy | Summary and Q&A

March 31, 2023
The Futur
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Developing a Winning Brand Strategy


Learn how a director of creative strategy helps brands find and articulate their authentic character or spirit in order to create a unique brand identity.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does Mika Salitis help brands articulate their authentic character or spirit?

Mika helps brands discover their authentic character or spirit by conducting workshops, interviews, and research to understand the brand's goals, audience, and competition. He then uses this information to build a brand strategy that defines the brand's voice, positioning, and unique attributes.

Q: What role does Mika's background in communications play in his work?

Mika's background in communications provides him with a solid foundation in writing and marketing. It allows him to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients, understanding their needs and translating their vision into a cohesive brand strategy.

Q: How does Mika approach working with clients who have difficulty articulating their brand's character or spirit?

Mika emphasizes the importance of workshops and collaborative discussions with clients to uncover their brand's essence. By asking probing questions, understanding their industry, and gathering insights, he helps clients discover their brand's unique attributes and build a strong foundation for branding initiatives.

Q: How does Mika handle client feedback or disagreements during the creative strategy process?

Mika takes a diplomatic approach, providing transparent and empathetic feedback to clients. He strives to understand their perspective while also providing his professional opinion based on strategic insights. Through open communication and collaboration, he aims to find common ground and ensure the best outcome for the brand.

Q: How has the shift to remote work affected Mika's creative strategy process?

The shift to remote work has required Mika to conduct workshops and client meetings virtually. While remote work presents challenges in reading body language and receiving immediate feedback, it has also humanized the process by allowing glimpses into clients' personal lives. Mika has adapted to remote collaboration and continues to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Mika Salitis, Director of Creative Strategy at a branding and design studio, explains how he helps brands discover and express their authentic character or spirit.

  • His work involves brand strategy, content strategy, and creative campaign development, focusing on positioning, brand voice, and consumer resonance.

  • Mika's background in communications and his ability to navigate career shifts have shaped his approach to brand strategy and the importance of building authentic and actionable solutions.

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