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August 20, 2018
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Ally Goodwin shares her completed college bucket list, showcasing various experiences and achievements during her time in college.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did Ally make friends in college?

Ally met a girl named Miranda in her first week of college, who introduced her to her group of friends. They became roommates and formed a close-knit group.

Q: Did Ally enjoy going to concerts during college?

Yes, Ally attended a music festival called Ausmus Keloids for two years in a row and had an incredibly fun time.

Q: Did Ally perform well academically in college?

While college was challenging, Ally was able to achieve good grades, including an A on a difficult test.

Q: Did Ally go to college parties?

Yes, Ally attended her first college party with her new group of friends during her freshman year. She found the experience to be similar to what is often portrayed in movies.

Q: How involved was Ally in college clubs?

Ally was involved in two clubs during her college years, including a kayaking club and a filmmaking club. She enjoyed participating in these activities.

Q: Did Ally go on a memorable spring break trip?

Ally went to Galveston with her roommates for a few days during spring break. They had a great time exploring and enjoying the beach.

Q: Did Ally attend football games in college?

Ally attended one football game during her college years, but she plans to go to more in the future. She also mentioned the possibility of exploring other sports as well.

Q: How did Ally maintain organization in college?

Ally emphasized the importance of having a planner and staying organized, even though it can be challenging with the social activities and independence that comes with college life.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Ally discovers her old college bucket list and realizes that she has unintentionally completed all the tasks on it.

  • She shares footage of her bucket list activities and encourages others to try these fun ideas while in college.

  • The completed bucket list includes making friends, attending a concert, getting good grades, going to a college party, joining clubs, going on spring break, and more.

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