Tom Nichols on Trump and Superman | Summary and Q&A

October 12, 2020
The Bulwark
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Tom Nichols on Trump and Superman


President Trump's erratic behavior, Twitter rants, and controversial endorsements are overshadowing important issues such as the Supreme Court confirmation hearings and the devastating new polls for Trump. The discussion also touches on Biden's handling of questions about court packing and the public's tolerance for corruption.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How has Trump's behavior and Twitter rants affected his standing among voters?

Trump's erratic behavior and controversial Twitter rants have alienated many voters, particularly seniors, who are now turning away from him. The normalization of Trump's behavior by his supporters and the double standards applied to him have contributed to the current political climate.

Q: How has Biden's handling of the court packing question impacted his campaign?

Biden's response to the court packing question has been suboptimal, leading to criticism and accusations of dodging. However, the focus on this issue overshadows Trump's greater lack of transparency and refusal to answer important questions about his plans and potential corruption.

Q: How has the pandemic influenced the election and Trump's campaign?

The pandemic has become a significant issue leading up to the election, and Trump's mishandling of the crisis has negatively impacted his standing. His decision to hold rallies and not address the pandemic in a serious manner has further hurt his campaign.

Q: How are Senate Republicans responding to Trump's behavior and the upcoming election?

Senate Republicans are attempting to distance themselves from Trump, but their efforts are seen as too little, too late. The public's perception of these politicians has been established, and their sudden criticism of Trump seems insincere given their past support for him.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including Trump's Twitter rants, the Taliban endorsement, Supreme Court confirmation hearings, late-breaking polls favoring Biden, and the president's Twitter fight with Anthony Fauci.

  • There is a focus on Trump's behavior and the normalization of his unorthodox statements and actions, as well as the contrast between the seriousness of the presidency and the lack of seriousness in current politics.

  • The discussion also delves into undecided voters and their desire for a permission structure to support their already-formed opinions, as well as the double standards applied to Trump and Biden regarding answering questions and corruption.

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