Andrew Scott Breaks Down His Career, from 'Fleabag' to 'Sherlock' | Vanity Fair | Summary and Q&A

October 7, 2022
Vanity Fair
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Andrew Scott Breaks Down His Career, from 'Fleabag' to 'Sherlock' | Vanity Fair


Andrew Scott reflects on his career, sharing anecdotes from his timeline, and discusses the significance of love in storytelling and the importance of vulnerability in acting.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did Andrew Scott's experiences in drama classes shape his career?

Andrew Scott attributes his career to his early experiences in drama classes, which helped him overcome his shyness and discover a lifeline in acting. He learned to come alive on stage and gained confidence in his abilities.

Q: What was Andrew Scott's experience filming "Saving Private Ryan"?

Andrew Scott recounts his disappointment when he couldn't participate in the film due to his commitment to another project. However, he was given a smaller role and had a memorable experience on set, including the eerie atmosphere created by the smoke cover.

Q: What did Andrew Scott learn from playing Moriarty in "Sherlock"?

Andrew Scott explains that playing Moriarty allowed him to embrace his darker side and explore the concept of mystery in characters. He found pleasure in frightening people during auditions and learned the power of silence and ambiguity in creating an impactful and unsettling character.

Q: How did Andrew Scott approach playing Gethin in "Pride"?

Andrew Scott describes Gethin as a gentle character who spoke very little. He enjoyed the challenge of conveying emotions and telling the character's story through subtle actions and expressions. He also highlights the importance of playing LGBTQ+ characters authentically and not reducing them to stereotypes.

Q: What did Andrew Scott learn from his experience in "007: Spectre"?

Andrew Scott admits that he felt intimidated by the budget and history of the James Bond franchise, which affected his performance. However, he learned the lesson that the size of the budget or production doesn't determine the importance of good storytelling, and being original and confident are key to delivering a strong performance.

Q: How did the single-shot approach in "1917" influence Andrew Scott's acting experience?

Andrew Scott reveals that working on a film with a single-camera approach was both challenging and exciting. It required getting every aspect of the scene right in one take, without the luxury of multiple angles or retakes. He appreciated the simplicity and theatricality of the concept and learned to alleviate pressure by embracing experimentation and accepting the possibility of making mistakes.

Q: What did Andrew Scott find intriguing about working on "Fleabag"?

Andrew Scott praises Phoebe Waller-Bridge's storytelling in "Fleabag" and the way it breaks the fourth wall and plays with the form of TV. He believes that all stories, including the ones he's worked on, are ultimately about love and explores different types of love in the series, emphasizing the importance of chemistry and non-verbal communication in portraying relationships.

Q: How does Andrew Scott view the role of the actor in representing society and human experiences?

Andrew Scott believes that the purpose of actors and storytelling is to empathize with the audience and make them feel understood and less alone. He values the role of great feminist writers who depict flawed but relatable male characters, contributing to a broader understanding of human experiences.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Scott talks about his earliest film role and the impact of a fellow actor's kindness on his career.

  • He shares his experience working on "Saving Private Ryan" and the eerie atmosphere on set during filming.

  • Scott discusses his approach to playing Moriarty in "Sherlock," the power of mystery in characters, and the importance of doing less to create impactful moments.

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