Get Out of Debt in 2021! | Summary and Q&A

December 26, 2020
Consumer Warrior
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Get Out of Debt in 2021!


Learn how to tackle debt, take action, and start fresh in 2021 with helpful resources and guidance.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the creator provide free information on debt-related issues?

The creator understands the stress caused by serious debt problems and aims to help alleviate some of it by providing valuable information. They believe that even a little knowledge can empower individuals to take action and tackle their debt.

Q: What does the video emphasize as the keyword for 2021 in dealing with debt?

The keyword stressed in the video is "action." It is essential for individuals to take steps to address their debt problems rather than becoming overwhelmed and stagnant.

Q: How long will the online tutorials and courses be on sale?

The courses will be on sale from December 26th to January 1st, offering a discount of 25% off the regular price. The creator mentions that the courses provide valuable information at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

Q: What are some of the topics covered in the online tutorials?

The online tutorials cover various debt-related topics, including drafting answers and responses to debt collection lawsuits, vacating default judgments, settling debts without bankruptcy, and defending debt collection lawsuits from beginning to end.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The video discusses the importance of a fresh start in the new year and taking action to tackle debt issues.

  • The creator announces a new opportunity to join a law firm and shares excitement for potential changes on their YouTube channel.

  • The video promotes online tutorials and courses that provide information on various debt-related topics, including debt collection lawsuits and bankruptcy.

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