The Art of Closing a Sale by Jordan Hwang | Summary and Q&A

March 22, 2017
500 Global
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The Art of Closing a Sale by Jordan Hwang


This video discusses the importance of navigating objections, working with urgency, and creating win-win situations to successfully close a sales deal.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the LEER framework and how does it help in objection handling?

The LEER framework stands for listen, acknowledge, explore, and respond. It helps sales professionals effectively handle objections by actively listening to prospects, acknowledging their concerns, exploring the reasons behind the objections, and responding with relevant solutions or clarifications.

Q: How can objection handling be used to address the objection of budget constraints?

When a prospect raises budget concerns, sales professionals should acknowledge the issue and ask when their next budget cycle is. By offering to work within the prospect's budget cycle or finding alternative payment options, such as back-loading payments, a win-win situation can be created.

Q: How can urgency be leveraged in the sales process?

Natural urgency, such as time-sensitive business or market conditions, can be used to encourage prospects to make decisions sooner. Artificial urgency, created by sales reps, can be used to force decisions by offering time-limited discounts or highlighting potential price increases.

Q: Should individual sessions be set up with multiple executives or go through the champion for a long sales cycle?

It depends on the dynamics and preferences of the company and champion. Involving the champion in one-on-one meetings with executives can increase the chances of success. However, communication with the champion should always be maintained to ensure alignment and gather necessary information for successful meetings.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The speaker, a former VP of growth at a startup, shares insights on closing sales deals, emphasizing the significance of objection handling, urgency, and creating win-win situations.

  • He highlights the LEER framework (listen, acknowledge, explore, respond) for successful objection handling, demonstrating how acknowledging objections and clarifying them can lead to finding solutions and closing deals.

  • A case study is presented to show how a sales cycle failed due to objection mishandling, highlighting the importance of starting objection handling earlier in the process.

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