Stop Cold Calling! | Daily Creative | Summary and Q&A

June 15, 2017
Chase Jarvis
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Stop Cold Calling! | Daily Creative


Learn how to be confident without crossing into arrogance when presenting yourself professionally, and understand the importance of building expertise and courage in your field.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How can you be professional without appearing arrogant?

Being professional involves having confidence in your abilities and the willingness to do more than required. Arrogance comes from false confidence and lack of mastery in your field. Build expertise through repetition and earn confidence through courage to fail and learn.

Q: Is there a cultural difference when it comes to professionalism and arrogance?

There might be cultural distinctions, but confidence is universally valued. In Germany, for example, saying you are a professional in a certain field might have different connotations. However, regardless of culture, confidence gained through mastery and experience is important in any professional setting.

Q: How can confidence benefit in client interactions?

Clients want to work with confident individuals who can deliver what is asked of them and sometimes even exceed expectations. Confidence in your abilities and past experiences can help you secure high-profile projects and gain the trust of clients.

Q: Is there a difference between confidence and courage?

Confidence is gained through repetition and mastery, while courage is required at the beginning of your journey to overcome fear of failure. It is important to be willing to fail and learn from those failures in order to build confidence over time.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The caller from Germany seeks advice on how to come across as professional without being perceived as arrogant.

  • The host explains that professionalism and arrogance are not on the same scale, and confidence is a valuable trait.

  • Confidence is earned through repetition, mastery, and courage to fail and learn in order to gain expertise in your craft.

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