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Use YouTube Summary with Claude to quickly access the summary of YouTube videos and web articles you're consuming. Save time and learn better with this free Chrome Extension.

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Install YouTube Summary with Claude

Install YouTube Summary with Claude

Install the YouTube Summary with Claude Chrome Extension to get started. No sign up required. Save time and learn better with this free Chrome Extension.

Get Video Transcripts in Multiple Languages

You'll get the transcript of the video in multiple languages. Watch the video with the transcript on the side and get the content quickly or simply copy the transcript.

Get Video Transcripts in Multiple Languages
Summarize YouTube Videos with Claude

Summarize YouTube Videos with Claude

We suport multiple languages for the summary. Choose a language as you prefer. Select the AI model to summarize the video. ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude, and Mistal AI are available. Customize the prompt and the length of the summary. Get the summary in seconds.

Custom Prompt

Customize the prompt for the AI model to summarize the video

Timestamped Transcript

Get the transcript of the video with timestamps

Multiple Languages

Summarize videos in multiple languages. Choose your preferred language

Follow-up Questions

Set follow-up questions for the AI model to answer

Multiple AI Models

Choose from ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude, and Mistal AI to summarize the video

Video Summaries

Read summaries of YouTube videos. Save time and learn better

PDF Summary

Summarize your favorite PDF documents in seconds

Webpage Summary

Summarize your favorite web articles in seconds

Highlight Transcript

Highlight YouTube transcript and leave notes for later with Glasp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube Summary with Claude?

YouTube Summary with Claude is a browser extension that leverages ChatGPT and Claude to provide concise and informative summaries of YouTube videos. It helps users quickly grasp the key points and content of videos without watching them in their entirety.

You can customize the length of the summary and the number of key points you want to see. You can also choose to see the summary with or without timestamps.

Is YouTube Summary compatible with all web browsers?

YouTube Summary is designed to work with popular web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Brave, and Opera. Make sure you have one of these browsers installed to use the extension seamlessly.

What are the benefits of using YouTube Summary?

The main benefits are saving time, increasing productivity, and improving learning. YouTube Summary with Claude reduces the need to watch long videos when you're just looking for the main points. The summaries let you absorb information quickly so you can spend time on other tasks. Also, you can get transcripts of YouTube videos, which can be helpful for learning and studying.

Can I save the YouTube summaries and transcripts?

Yes, you can get summaries and transcripts of YouTube videos as you want. It not only provides summaries but also offers the option to access full video transcripts. This feature is helpful for users who prefer reading or searching for specific information within the video.

If you want to get YouTube transcripts, you can click the "Copy Transcript" button on the YouTube video page. It will copy the transcript to your clipboard, and you can paste it into a text editor or word processor. Timestamps are included in the transcript.

How do I use YouTube Summary with Claude?

Using YouTube Summary is easy. After installing the browser extension, simply open a YouTube video you'd like to summarize. Click the YouTube Summary icon in your browser toolbar, and it will generate a summary and provide an option to access the video transcript if available.

You will see a summary of the video with or without timestamps. You can click on the timestamps to jump to the corresponding part of the video. You can also click the "Copy Transcript" button to copy the transcript of the YouTube video to your clipboard.

Can I customize the length of the YouTube video summaries?

Yes, you can customize the length of the video summaries generated by YouTube Summary. Adjust the settings within the extension to tailor the summaries to your preferred level of detail.

Are the transcripts generated by YouTube Summary editable?

Yes, the transcripts generated by YouTube Summary can be edited and saved for your convenience. This allows you to make notes, highlight important information, or correct any inaccuracies in the transcript.

If you want to highlight YouTube video transcripts, you can use the Glasp Browser Extension. It will let you highlight text in the transcript and save the highlights for later.

How can I share YouTube summaries and transcripts with others?

Sharing YouTube summaries and transcripts is simple. Use the sharing options within the extension to share the summarized content or transcript link with colleagues, friends, or on social media platforms.

Is YouTube Summary with Claude suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, YouTube Summary with Claude is a valuable tool for educational purposes. It provides concise summaries and transcripts that can aid in research, studying, and learning from YouTube videos.

Can YouTube Summary handle videos in languages other than English?

Yes, YouTube Summary is capable of summarizing and transcribing videos in multiple languages, making it a valuable tool for international users. You can also choose what language you want the transcript to be in.

Are video transcripts available in multiple languages with YouTube Summary?

Yes, you can get YouTube video transcripts in multiple languages, facilitating a global audience's access to content. You can also choose what language you want the transcript to be in. A transcript is available in the same language as the video by default.

Is YouTube Summary with Claude FREE to use?

Yes, YouTube Summary with Claude is a free service. You can summarize YouTube videos and get YouTube transcripts without paying a subscription fee :)

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