The Challenges of Becoming a Software Developer and the Importance of Learning Programming


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Mar 17, 2024

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The Challenges of Becoming a Software Developer and the Importance of Learning Programming


Becoming a software developer is not an easy journey. It involves overcoming various difficulties and challenges that come with the growth and development in this field. However, it is important to note that learning software development does not mean everyone has to become a developer. In this article, we will explore the differences between programmers and developers, the stages of growth that developers go through, and the challenges faced when learning software development.

The Differences Between Programmers and Developers:

Programmers are individuals who write programs for various reasons, while developers are those who consciously consider the end-users and develop programs with their needs in mind. Developers go through different stages of development and experience various challenges in their journey.

The Five Stages of Difficulty in Learning Software Development:

  • 1. The first stage of difficulty is known as Computational Thinking. This involves logical and procedural thinking, which can be challenging for students who lack the intrinsic motivation to learn software development. Overcoming this stage can be achieved by solving numerous easy problems to build a solid foundation.
  • 2. The second stage of difficulty involves understanding data. Developers need to declare and process data independently, along with comprehending the different data types and their structured representations. This includes concepts such as pointers, various data structures, and object-oriented programming.
  • 3. The understanding of frameworks is another challenge faced by developers. It requires realizing that not everything is automatically provided and that developers often need to create certain components themselves. Additionally, using frameworks involves delving into the details of their operations to ensure the production of high-quality programs. This requires understanding APIs, functions, return values, data transfer, error messages, and realizing that frameworks have specific design principles.
  • 4. The fourth stage of difficulty is the realization that what was once considered obvious or automatic is not necessarily so. Developers need to understand that certain functionalities are not inherently provided and that someone had to create them. This stage involves learning from code reviews and other development practices to improve one's skills and knowledge.
  • 5. The final stage of difficulty is related to data. It differs from the previous stages and encompasses the understanding that the essence of all problems and their solutions lies within data. This stage goes beyond the realm of software and extends into areas such as big data and machine learning, where the value and results are derived from data.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Build a strong foundation: Start by solving easy problems to develop computational thinking skills and intrinsic motivation for learning software development.
  • 2. Embrace learning frameworks: Take the time to understand the inner workings of frameworks and the components they provide. This will help in producing high-quality programs and improve overall development skills.
  • 3. Focus on data: Recognize the importance of data and its role in problem-solving. Explore areas such as big data and machine learning to expand your knowledge and understanding.


Becoming a software developer is challenging, but by understanding the different stages of development and the difficulties that arise, individuals can better navigate their journey. By focusing on building a strong foundation, embracing learning frameworks, and recognizing the significance of data, aspiring developers can overcome obstacles and thrive in this field. Remember, learning programming is not just for developers, but it is important for everyone to gain a basic understanding of software development in today's digital world.

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