How Glean Found Product-Market Fit: Insights from Assessor Agreement in Due Diligence

Peter Buck

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Jul 14, 2023

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How Glean Found Product-Market Fit: Insights from Assessor Agreement in Due Diligence


Product-market fit is the holy grail for any startup. It's the point where a company's product perfectly satisfies the needs of its target market. For Glean, a company that aims to revolutionize productivity in businesses, achieving product-market fit has been both a challenging and rewarding journey. In this article, we will explore how Glean found its product-market fit and delve into the variations in assessor agreement in due diligence that played a crucial role in shaping their path.

Glean's Vision and Enterprise Sales Model:

From the very beginning, Glean's vision has been clear - to create a tool that every person, every worker in every business, uses ten times a day to enhance productivity. This ambitious vision has guided their product development and business strategy. Glean adopted a traditional enterprise sales model, relying on building a great product to attract funding and fuel future growth. This approach ensured that their product was not only appealing to individual users but also aligned with the needs and demands of enterprises.

The Challenge of Due Diligence:

In the world of due diligence, lawyers are often burdened with reviewing thousands of contracts within tight deadlines. This arduous task leaves little room for error and demands high levels of assessor agreement. However, a study on assessor agreement in due diligence, titled "Variations in Assessor Agreement in Due Diligence," revealed interesting insights. While lawyers agreed on the general location of relevant material more often than in other studies, they did not entirely concur on the extent of the relevant material.

The Role of Machine Learning:

Recognizing the practical limitations of lawyers in reviewing vast amounts of contracts, Glean saw an opportunity to leverage machine learning. By training models to identify relevant material, machine learning could significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of due diligence. The study mentioned earlier outlined a high-level procedure where participants annotated 50 documents for five common due diligence topics. This approach laid the foundation for Glean to develop sophisticated algorithms that could automate the identification of relevant material.

Connecting the Dots:

The connection between Glean's journey to product-market fit and the variations in assessor agreement in due diligence becomes apparent when we consider the ultimate goal - enhancing productivity. Glean's product-market fit relies on providing a solution that streamlines and simplifies tasks, such as due diligence, for enterprises. By addressing the challenges faced by lawyers in their due diligence process, Glean not only improves assessor agreement but also boosts overall productivity.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the Vision: Like Glean, every startup should have a clear and ambitious vision. This vision will guide product development and business strategies, ensuring alignment with the target market's needs.
  • 2. Adapt to Practical Constraints: Recognize the practical limitations faced by users or customers in your target market. Find innovative ways, such as machine learning, to overcome these constraints and deliver a more efficient and effective solution.
  • 3. Seek Opportunities in Challenges: Challenges, such as variations in assessor agreement, can be transformed into opportunities. By addressing these challenges head-on, startups can carve a niche for themselves and create a unique value proposition.


Glean's journey to product-market fit is a testament to the power of a clear vision, adaptability to practical constraints, and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities. By recognizing the variations in assessor agreement in due diligence and leveraging machine learning, Glean has not only improved productivity in enterprises but also positioned itself as a leader in the market. As startups navigate their own paths towards product-market fit, they can draw inspiration from Glean's story and apply the actionable advice provided to accelerate their own success.

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