Exploring the Intersection of Erotic Community and Personal Growth

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Aug 29, 2023

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Exploring the Intersection of Erotic Community and Personal Growth


In a world that often shies away from open discussions about sexuality and personal growth, FEAST | Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation emerges as a beacon of enlightenment and acceptance. This annual festival, held from November 23rd to 26th in Border Ranges, NSW, serves as a home for individuals seeking to explore their erotic selves, while also emphasizing community, education, and personal development.

FEAST Festival: Embracing Erotic Community and Education:

FEAST Festival is a unique event that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in sexual exploration and personal growth. The festival creates a safe and supportive environment where attendees can engage in workshops, discussions, and experiences that promote open-mindedness, curiosity, and acceptance.

One of the key elements of FEAST Festival is the presence of Certified Sexological Facilitators. These facilitators are trained professionals who provide sex-positive and caring guidance to participants. Through their expertise, they help attendees navigate their own desires, boundaries, and emotions, fostering an atmosphere of trust and personal growth.

Building Your Own Map: The Power of Self-Discovery:

Just as FEAST Festival encourages attendees to explore their erotic selves, the concept of "Building Your Own Map" emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and personal growth. This idea is not limited to the festival alone but extends to various aspects of life, including our relationship with our bodies, desires, and boundaries.

To facilitate this journey of self-discovery, the Sunshine Coast City Council offers a valuable resource in the form of property mapping and zoning information through ARCGIS maps. While initially designed to assist with urban planning, these maps can also serve as a metaphorical tool for individuals to map out their own desires, aspirations, and personal boundaries.

The Intersection of Erotic Community and Personal Growth:

When we consider the themes of FEAST Festival and the concept of "Building Your Own Map," it becomes evident that they share common ground. Both emphasize the importance of self-exploration, personal growth, and a supportive community.

By embracing the festival's ethos and incorporating the concept of building our own maps, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. This journey will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of our desires, boundaries, and personal growth opportunities, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Curiosity: Approach your own desires and boundaries with curiosity and an open mind. By being curious, you create space for exploration, growth, and self-acceptance.
  • 2. Seek Supportive Communities: Surround yourself with individuals who share your values and support your journey of self-discovery. Whether through attending festivals like FEAST or joining local communities, a supportive network can provide an invaluable source of guidance and acceptance.
  • 3. Reflect and Adapt: Regularly reflect on your personal growth journey and be willing to adapt your map. As we evolve, our desires and boundaries may change. By regularly reassessing and adapting our maps, we can ensure that we stay aligned with our true selves.


FEAST Festival and the concept of "Building Your Own Map" offer insightful perspectives on the intersection of erotic community and personal growth. Through embracing curiosity, seeking supportive communities, and reflecting on our own journey, we can embark on a transformative path towards self-discovery and acceptance. By integrating these practices into our lives, we can unlock the power of personal growth and lead lives that are authentic, fulfilling, and aligned with our true desires.

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