The Rise of Pickup Artists: A Look into the Seduction Community

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Oct 01, 2023

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The Rise of Pickup Artists: A Look into the Seduction Community


The world of pickup artists, or PUAs, has gained significant attention in recent years. With notable figures like Julien Blanc, Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss, Erik von Markovik, Roosh V, and Eric Weber, the pickup artist community has become a topic of fascination and controversy. In this article, we will explore the history of the modern pickup artist movement, its techniques, and the criticisms surrounding it.

A Brief History:

The modern practice of pickup artistry can be traced back to 1970 with the publication of Eric Weber's book, "How to Pick Up Girls!" However, even before Weber's work, Albert Ellis, a rational emotive psychotherapist, wrote "The Art of Erotic Seduction" in 1967, which encouraged men to meet women through the art of pickup. In the early 1990s, Ross Jeffries gained prominence by teaching workshops and promoting neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques known as "speed seduction." Jeffries' influence led to the establishment of online forums, email lists, and blogs where pickup techniques could be shared.

The Pickup Community:

As the pickup artist community grew, other teachers emerged with their own methods, becoming known as "seduction gurus." The community gained mainstream awareness with the release of the 1999 film "Magnolia," in which Tom Cruise portrayed a pickup guru inspired by Ross Jeffries. Journalist Neil Strauss further brought the community into the spotlight with his bestselling book, "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists." The pickup artist movement also received attention with the VH1 television show "The Pick Up Artist" in 2007-2008.

Seduction Lairs:

Within the pickup artist community, seduction lairs played a significant role. These underground meeting groups focused on studying and mastering the art of obtaining sex. Lairs typically consisted of online forums and group meetings, providing a platform for PUAs to share their experiences and techniques.

Criticism and Controversy:

The pickup artist community has faced intense criticism from various sources. Roosh V, a notable pickup artist, has been accused of promoting misogyny and rape advocacy in his books. The Southern Poverty Law Center labeled him as hateful and a misogynist. Feminist BDSM writer and activist Clarisse Thorn has criticized the PUA community for its sexist and problematic tendencies. However, Thorn also argues that understanding PUA tactics is essential because they reflect broader societal beliefs and patterns of human sexual behavior.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Challenge Gender Roles: One of the criticisms of pickup artistry is that it perpetuates adversarial gender roles. Strive to break free from these stereotypes and focus on mutual respect and consent in your interactions with others.
  • 2. Seek Healthy Relationships: Instead of solely focusing on pickup techniques, prioritize building genuine connections with people. Develop your emotional intelligence and work on improving yourself as an individual.
  • 3. Educate Others: If you encounter harmful pickup tactics or behavior, speak out against it. Promote healthy relationships and educate others about the importance of consent and respect. By spreading awareness, you can contribute to positive change within society.


The pickup artist community has had a significant impact on modern dating and relationships. While it has faced criticism for promoting misogyny and pseudoscientific practices, it also offers insights into societal beliefs and patterns of human behavior. By understanding the history and techniques of pickup artistry, individuals can make informed decisions about their own approach to dating and relationships. It is crucial to prioritize respect, consent, and healthy connections as we navigate the complex world of modern romance.

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