The Power of Thinking: Lessons From "Solitude and Leadership" and "Turn The Ship Around!"

Alice 2020

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May 20, 2023

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The Power of Thinking: Lessons From "Solitude and Leadership" and "Turn The Ship Around!"

The ability to think critically and proactively is a crucial skill that is often overlooked. William Deresiewicz, in his lecture "Solitude and Leadership," explains that multitasking can actually hinder our ability to think and process information effectively. To improve our thinking skills, we need to immerse ourselves in a problem and spend a significant amount of time thinking about it. Leslie Lamport emphasizes the importance of focused attention and patience for coming up with original ideas. One effective way to improve our thinking is through writing, as it forces us to slow down and think more deeply.

In "Turn The Ship Around!," David Marquet emphasizes the importance of intent-based leadership, where leaders give their team members the space to think and allow them to take responsibility for their work. By distributing control and authority, leaders can alleviate the pressure to have all the answers and encourage their team to think for themselves. Technical competence and clarity are essential pillars for this type of leadership to be effective.

Marquet also stresses the importance of repetition in communication to ensure that everyone has the same mental picture of a new idea. Instead of focusing on avoiding mistakes, the goal should be the primary motivation for finding the best solutions. By giving people the time and space to think, we can encourage creativity and innovation.

In conclusion, "Solitude and Leadership" and "Turn The Ship Around!" both emphasize the importance of thinking and how it can positively impact our work and leadership. By immersing ourselves in a problem, giving ourselves time and space to think, and encouraging others to think for themselves, we can improve our thinking skills and become more effective leaders.


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