The Rise of TikTok as a Search Platform and the Era of Anti-Gourmet


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May 17, 2024

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The Rise of TikTok as a Search Platform and the Era of Anti-Gourmet


In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift in user behavior on social media platforms. What was once considered purely for entertainment now serves as a source of information and consultation. This observation has caught the attention of social media professionals and the platforms themselves, as they compete for users' attention and time. One platform that has stood out in this regard is TikTok. Known for attracting Generation Z and Generation Alpha, TikTok has become a natural territory for seeking information and advice, consolidating different uses within the same platform. This article explores the reasons behind TikTok's emergence as a search platform and delves into the concept of the Era of Anti-Gourmet.

TikTok as a Search Platform:

Unlike traditional search engines, such as Google, that follow a centralized approach to organize and index content, TikTok offers an immersive and visual experience. Users can find explanations and demonstrations on various topics, going beyond the mere listing of information. This immersive experience, combined with engaging content, resonates with the values of younger generations, who prioritize visual engagement over traditional search methods.

Opportunities for Brands:

TikTok's rise as a search platform presents opportunities for brands to connect with their audience through discoverable content. By paying attention to the terms and keywords already used by users, brands can create content that is easily findable and relevant. Furthermore, TikTok allows brands to showcase influencers and experts using their products, offering a stronger argument for sales. In the future, there may even be paid formats to further enhance brand visibility and engagement.

The Era of Anti-Gourmet:

The Era of Anti-Gourmet represents a societal shift towards embracing imperfection and authenticity. This movement rejects the narrative of perfection and instead celebrates the real and attainable. This can be seen in the emergence of content like The Bear, Casimiro, and GirlDinner, which depict chaotic and real-life scenarios, contrasting with the pristine and orchestrated kitchens often portrayed on television. As society grows tired of performative perfection, they seek entertainment that mirrors their imperfect reality.

Connecting Non-Gourmetization and Exposure of "Failures":

The trend of non-gourmetization extends beyond the culinary realm. It encompasses the exposure of failures and imperfections that were once hidden. Artists and public figures are now sharing personal experiences, previously considered taboo, with conviction. This shift in narrative allows for more authentic conversations and content. However, people are still grappling with how to incorporate this concept into their own lives.

Bridging the Gap between Brands and Consumers:

As individuals actively seek content that celebrates their real-life experiences, there is a disparity between this desire and the marketing strategies employed by brands. The market continues to propagate ideas, products, and images of perfection, which do not align with the Era of Anti-Gourmet. To bridge this gap, brands must embrace authenticity and connect with consumers on a more genuine and relatable level.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace imperfection: Incorporate the concept of imperfection into your brand's messaging and content. Be transparent about failures and setbacks, as this fosters a stronger connection with your audience.
  • 2. Utilize TikTok as a search platform: Explore the potential of TikTok as a channel for sharing informative and engaging content. Pay attention to the keywords and terms used by users to optimize discoverability.
  • 3. Prioritize authentic conversations: Shift from aspirational marketing to relatable marketing. Connect with your audience by highlighting real-life experiences and narratives that resonate with them.


The rise of TikTok as a search platform signifies a change in user behavior and expectations on social media. The platform's immersive and visual experience, coupled with engaging content, appeals to younger generations who value authenticity and visual engagement. Furthermore, the Era of Anti-Gourmet reflects society's desire for imperfection and authenticity, challenging brands to connect with consumers in a more genuine and relatable manner. By embracing imperfection, utilizing TikTok as a search platform, and prioritizing authentic conversations, brands can successfully navigate this evolving landscape and forge meaningful connections with their audience.

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