Embracing Intense Moments of Happiness and Returning to Everyday Life

Lucas Charbonnier

Hatched by Lucas Charbonnier

Feb 22, 2024

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Embracing Intense Moments of Happiness and Returning to Everyday Life


There are moments in life when we experience intense happiness - during a trip, a meditation retreat, a yoga workshop, or any other occasion. These moments bring a perfect sense of communion with the universe, inner harmony, unconditional love, self-love, and deep connections with the people around us. However, these moments are temporary, and it can be challenging to accept the return to everyday life, which may seem dull and uninspiring in comparison. It is essential to embrace this transition and continue our daily lives, enriched by these experiences and cultivating gratitude for having lived them.

Finding Value in Everyday Life:

Returning to our daily routines after a profound experience can lead us to believe that our ordinary lives lack value compared to those intense moments. However, it is precisely in our daily lives that we can continue to move forward. As Arnaud Desjardins said, we do not progress despite the difficulties of everyday life, but thanks to them. Life's challenges are like steps on a staircase, seemingly blocking our path to the next level, but they are the very means to reach it. While significant experiences may provide glimpses of what lies ahead, it is only through our daily lives that we can practice and implement what we have learned.

Avoiding Illusions and Ego:

After a profound experience, it is crucial to be mindful of our ego's attempts to capitalize on our spiritual experiences, even the most intense ones. Our ego may try to convince us that our importance is derived from our own abilities, rather than acknowledging the external forces that contributed to these experiences. The more intense the experience, the more vigilant we must be in not allowing our ego to hijack it and deprive us of its fruits. Additionally, even if we feel that we have learned and progressed significantly, we are not immune to the ego's attempts to reclaim our experiences. Therefore, it is essential to remain humble and grounded.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the ordinary: Instead of waiting for the next extraordinary experience, find value and meaning in your everyday life. Recognize that each moment is an opportunity for growth and practice what you have learned from your intense moments of happiness.
  • 2. Cultivate gratitude: Practice gratitude for the profound experiences you have had, acknowledging the transformative impact they have had on your life. Express gratitude not only for the extraordinary but also for the ordinary aspects of your daily life.
  • 3. Listen to your inner being: Take time to connect with your inner self, the life force within you. Listen to its guidance before taking action, allowing your experiences to shape your decisions and actions. Trust that your inner being will guide you towards the right path.


Experiencing intense moments of happiness is a gift, but it is essential to remember that our daily lives hold immense value and opportunities for growth. By embracing the ordinary, avoiding illusions and ego, and listening to our inner being, we can continue to progress and integrate our transformative experiences into our daily lives. Let us appreciate and find fulfillment in the journey, knowing that it is through the challenges of everyday life that we truly evolve.

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