Embracing Freedom and Finding Meaning in Everyday Life

Lucas Charbonnier

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Dec 05, 2023

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Embracing Freedom and Finding Meaning in Everyday Life


The concept of freedom has been a subject of philosophical discourse for centuries. Are we condemned to be free? Can we choose not to be free? These questions raise a deeper understanding of the nature of freedom and its implications on our existence. At the same time, we often experience moments of intense happiness or enlightenment that seem to transcend our everyday lives. However, it is crucial to find a balance between these extraordinary experiences and the significance of our daily routines. This article explores the connection between freedom and finding meaning in everyday life.

The Inherent Nature of Freedom:

Freedom is an innate quality that allows us to choose the direction of our lives within certain given situations. It is not a stagnant state but a continuous process of liberation from various forms of dependency. According to Rousseau, freedom is an inalienable natural right that cannot be renounced. He vehemently refutes the idea of voluntary submission, considering it against our true nature. In essence, freedom is not an abstract concept but is always experienced within the circumstances that are beyond our control, such as our family, era, or the presence of war or peace. Sartre even argues that the more restrictive the situation, the more freedom we have. This perspective challenges the notion that external factors determine our choices and emphasizes our radical freedom to shape our existence.

Embracing Everyday Life:

While extraordinary moments of happiness and fulfillment can be transformative, it is essential to acknowledge that they are temporary. Returning to our daily routines can often feel dull and uninspiring in comparison. However, it is crucial to embrace the ordinary and not devalue its significance. Arnaud Desjardins beautifully illustrates this by comparing life to a staircase. Each step, representing the obstacles of everyday life, is not a hindrance but the very means to progress to the next level. The challenges we encounter in our daily lives provide us with opportunities to put into practice what we have learned and experienced in those moments of transcendence. Rather than waiting for the next extraordinary experience, it is through our daily interactions and actions that we can truly grow and evolve.

Avoiding Illusions and Self-centeredness:

When we have experienced intense moments of happiness or spiritual enlightenment, it is crucial to remain grounded and avoid falling into the trap of ego-centered thinking. Our ego often tries to claim these experiences as solely our achievements, undermining the transformative power of external forces. Even if we feel that we have learned and progressed significantly, we must remain vigilant against the ego's attempts to distort our experiences. Instead, it is essential to connect with our inner being, to listen to the life force within us, and act in alignment with the insights gained from those transcendent moments.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Cultivate gratitude: Instead of longing for past extraordinary experiences, practice gratitude for having had the opportunity to live them. Gratitude helps shift our focus to the present and allows us to find meaning and joy in everyday life.
  • 2. Embrace challenges: View the obstacles and difficulties in your daily life as opportunities for growth and transformation. Instead of waiting for extraordinary moments, recognize that it is through overcoming challenges that we evolve and progress.
  • 3. Stay connected to your inner being: Regularly take time for introspection and self-reflection. Connect with the life force within you and let it guide your actions. By staying in touch with your inner self, you can find meaning in the mundane and infuse it with purpose and fulfillment.


Freedom and the pursuit of meaning are intertwined aspects of our existence. While extraordinary experiences can be deeply gratifying, it is through embracing everyday life that we find true fulfillment. By recognizing the inherent freedom within us and connecting with our inner being, we can navigate life's challenges and create a meaningful existence. Embrace the ordinary, cultivate gratitude, and let your inner self guide you on the path to a fulfilling life.

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