The Intersection of Work, Technique, and Learning Calculations

Lucas Charbonnier

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May 29, 2024

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The Intersection of Work, Technique, and Learning Calculations


Work and technique are interconnected aspects of human life. Work cannot exist without technique, and a truly liberating work should allow individuals to develop their full potential. However, when technique becomes the sole focus, it can hinder our relationship with things and other people. In this article, we will explore the impact of technique on work, the role of technology in shaping our desires, and the importance of ethical and political solutions to the challenges posed by technical progress. Additionally, we will delve into the topic of learning calculations and provide actionable advice for improvement.

The Impact of Technique on Work:

Technique plays a significant role in shaping our approach to work. When we view work solely from a technical perspective, we focus on achieving results without considering their value. This narrow viewpoint can lead to the commodification of human beings and natural resources, as our society becomes driven by efficiency and productivity. However, true fulfillment in work comes from recognizing oneself in the tasks performed and utilizing one's creativity and skills.

The Role of Technology in Shaping Desires:

Technological advancements have enabled the exploitation of natural resources on a massive scale, endangering the very survival of humanity. It is important to recognize that technical solutions alone cannot solve these problems. Instead, we need ethical, legal, and political frameworks to guide our use of technology. Moreover, we must question whether objects of technology are mere instruments at our disposal or if they influence and determine our desires. As we inhabit the technosphere, it becomes crucial to reflect on the impact of technology on our will.

Learning Calculations:

Learning calculations requires more than just memorizing formulas. It involves the ability to think critically, anticipate transformations, and understand the direction of the problem. To improve in calculations, one must focus on both the content and presentation. Familiarity with formulas should go beyond rote memorization and include visual representations, specific cases, and examples of application. The goal is to develop a robust understanding that allows for the confident and error-free application of formulas.

Actionable Advice for Improving Calculations:

  • 1. Associate formulas with visual or contextual cues: Instead of relying solely on memorization, create mental associations with visual representations, specific cases, or examples of application. This approach enhances understanding and aids in recalling formulas accurately.
  • 2. Practice writing formulas from memory: Instead of immediately referring to a formula sheet or textbook, challenge yourself to write the formula from memory. If uncertain, verify using available resources. This process reinforces memory retention and builds confidence in recalling formulas during exams or time-constrained situations.
  • 3. Embrace mental calculations and problem-solving strategies: Cultivate the habit of mentally calculating and predicting the outcome before writing down the complete solution. This approach enhances mental agility, facilitates error detection, and promotes a deeper understanding of calculations.


Work and technique are intertwined, with technique influencing our approach to work and the way we interact with the world. As technology advances, it is crucial to consider the ethical and political implications of its use. Furthermore, learning calculations requires a holistic approach that combines understanding and application. By incorporating visual cues, practicing recall from memory, and embracing mental calculations, individuals can enhance their mathematical abilities. Through these actions, we can navigate the complexities of work, technique, and learning calculations with greater confidence and proficiency.

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