Exploring the Relationship Between Inflation and the Laws of Nature

Lucas Charbonnier

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Oct 15, 2023

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Exploring the Relationship Between Inflation and the Laws of Nature


In a surprising move, major retailers such as Carrefour and Leclerc have extended their anti-inflation campaign. This decision comes as no surprise given the 15% increase in prices caused by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, as reported by the Insee. While inflation may seem like an economic phenomenon, it is intriguing to consider its connection to the laws of nature. Is there a correlation between the predictability of natural phenomena and the stability of prices? Let's delve deeper into this topic and explore the intertwined nature of inflation and the laws governing our world.

The Ordered Nature:

Nature, contrary to popular belief, is not chaotic. Instead, natural phenomena follow a strict order that is both predictable and calculable. Humans have harnessed this predictability to anticipate events like tides and eclipses. However, does this mean that nature is entirely determined by these laws? Let's investigate further.

Beyond the Laws:

While the laws of nature govern the majority of natural processes, there is a realm that exists beyond their reach. This transcendent aspect is often associated with the sublime, as depicted in the romantic movement by artists like Caspar David Friedrich. It suggests that nature possesses a divine quality that cannot be fully comprehended or confined by human-made laws.

The Modern Conception of Nature:

During the 17th century, the goals of physical science shifted from understanding the "why" behind natural phenomena to unraveling the "how." This change in perspective was pioneered by thinkers like Descartes, who viewed nature as devoid of intentions and purpose. It was likened to a book written in the language of mathematics. However, one must question whether this purely scientific perspective risks reducing nature to a simplifying abstraction, devoid of its inherent complexities.

The Limitations of Modern Conception:

Reducing nature to a mere collection of measurable laws has its limitations. By constraining nature within such a narrow framework, we overlook its power and ability to surprise us. The human desire to dominate and possess nature often leads to its exploitation, with little regard for its intrinsic value. It is crucial to acknowledge that science alone cannot exhaustively comprehend nature, as there are still countless enigmatic phenomena awaiting discovery.

Connecting Inflation and Nature:

So, how does this relate to inflation? Just as nature is bound by laws, the economy is also governed by its own set of rules. Inflation, influenced by various factors, including geopolitical conflicts, can disrupt the stability of prices. The rise in prices caused by the war in Ukraine serves as a poignant example. As we strive to understand and control inflation, we must consider the interconnectedness between economic and natural laws.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Complexity: Recognize that nature and the economy are complex systems influenced by numerous interconnected factors. Avoid oversimplification and seek a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved.
  • 2. Sustainable Practices: Acknowledge the intrinsic value of nature and adopt sustainable practices. By treating nature as a means to an end, we risk degrading it. Promote responsible economic policies that prioritize long-term environmental preservation.
  • 3. Holistic Approaches: Foster interdisciplinary research and collaboration to bridge the gap between economic and natural sciences. By combining expertise from different fields, we can gain a more holistic understanding of the mechanisms driving inflation and its relationship to the laws of nature.


The prolonged anti-inflation campaign by major retailers highlights the undeniable impact of geopolitical conflicts on prices. As we navigate the complexities of inflation, it is crucial to recognize the intertwined nature of economic and natural laws. By embracing complexity, adopting sustainable practices, and fostering interdisciplinary approaches, we can strive for a harmonious balance between economic stability and the preservation of nature. As we unravel the mysteries of both inflation and the laws of nature, let us remember that our understanding is ever-evolving, and there is much more to discover.

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