"The Magic of Now, Not How: How to Take Action and Build Success"

Esteban Tala

Hatched by Esteban Tala

May 25, 2024

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"The Magic of Now, Not How: How to Take Action and Build Success"

Many of us have dreams and aspirations that we feel are out of reach. We convince ourselves that we're not ready or that we need more time to plan and prepare. Whether it's starting a business, moving to a new country, or being in a relationship, we often find ourselves stuck in the "how" instead of embracing the power of now.

The truth is, the best way to make our dreams a reality is to start immediately. Taking that first step allows us to test the waters and see if our ideas will work. Wasting time wondering if something will succeed only holds us back from reaching our full potential. The fear of failure will always be present, no matter what level of success we achieve. So why wait?

By becoming a doer and taking action, we teach ourselves that we are relentless experimenters. Real action is what helps us solve problems and find out if our ideas are viable. It's not about having all the answers or knowing exactly how things will unfold. It's about embracing the journey and being open to learning and adapting along the way.

Now, let's shift our focus to relationships and how we can argue with our partners in a healthy way. Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, but how we handle it can make all the difference. Many of us believe that expressing our emotions in a measured and moderate way is the key to a healthy argument. And while this may be true to some extent, it's also important to embrace a wide range of emotions.

Research has shown that what we call "emotion regulation" is a strong predictor of marital satisfaction. Being able to cool down after experiencing powerful negative emotions is crucial. It allows us to approach conflicts with a clear mind and find constructive solutions. These patterns of expressing and regulating emotion are often established early on in a relationship, and they can greatly impact the longevity and happiness of a partnership.

For young couples, it's especially important to practice moderation when dealing with disagreements. It's natural for emotions to run high, but finding a balance between expressing negative and positive emotions is key. By doing so, we create an environment where both partners feel heard and understood, fostering a deeper connection and mutual respect.

Now, let's tie these two concepts together. Whether it's starting a business or navigating a relationship, taking immediate action is crucial. Just as we shouldn't wait for the perfect moment to pursue our dreams, we shouldn't delay resolving conflicts in our relationships. By embracing the magic of now and not getting caught up in the "how," we can build success and cultivate healthy, thriving partnerships.

Here are three actionable pieces of advice to help you apply these principles:

  • 1. Start before you're ready: Don't wait for the perfect moment to pursue your goals. Take that first step, even if it feels uncomfortable or uncertain. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll learn and grow.
  • 2. Embrace a range of emotions: When engaging in conflicts or arguments with your partner, allow yourself to express a wide range of emotions. Avoid suppressing your feelings or resorting to extreme reactions. Instead, find a balance between expressing your concerns and actively listening to your partner.
  • 3. Practice self-reflection: Regularly reflect on your actions and emotions in both your personal and professional life. Are you taking action or getting caught up in overthinking? Are you effectively regulating your emotions during conflicts? By becoming aware of your patterns, you can make conscious choices that lead to personal growth and stronger relationships.

In conclusion, the magic of now lies in taking immediate action and embracing the unknown. Whether it's pursuing your dreams or navigating conflicts in relationships, the key is to start and learn along the way. By incorporating a balance of emotions and practicing moderation, we can build success and foster healthier connections. So, let go of the "how" and embrace the power of now.

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