Embracing Growth, Finding Meaning, and Taking Ownership of Your Life

Esteban Tala

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Jun 15, 2024

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Embracing Growth, Finding Meaning, and Taking Ownership of Your Life


In life, it's crucial to appreciate the process of learning and growing. Every small improvement, every effort counts. It's essential to give yourself credit for enduring the hardships that come your way. By accepting what was and embracing the present moment, you can develop a love for what happens - a concept known as Amor Fati. This mindset allows you to not only bear what is necessary but to love it and use it as fuel for your potential.

The Art of Moving On:

Moving on doesn't mean suppressing the pain or avoiding difficult emotions. Instead, it means allowing yourself to fully experience those emotions and then letting them flow through you. By not playing the mental game of dwelling on what could have been, you can accept things as they are and find peace. The ability to let go of what weighs on your soul is crucial for personal growth and happiness.

The Search for Meaning:

Many people struggle with a sense of meaninglessness in their lives. This often stems from the belief that there is a predefined life mission or purpose. However, the truth is that there is no objective meaning to life. We have the freedom to choose and invent our own values and purpose. As Jean-Paul Sartre said, "Life itself is nothing until it is lived; it is we who give it meaning." The meaning we assign to our lives is what brings value and purpose to our existence.

Dealing with Uncertainty:

Committing to something can be intimidating when there are seemingly endless options available. The fear of making the wrong choice can lead to a continuous search for better alternatives, preventing us from fully committing. However, existentialists argue that living authentically means embracing the freedom to create our own values and make choices based on our understanding of ourselves. By taking ownership of our decisions and committing to something, we develop the granular parts of ourselves and find meaning in the process.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Celebrate small wins: Acknowledge and appreciate every small improvement or effort you make. By giving yourself credit for your progress, you build confidence and motivation to keep growing.
  • 2. Practice acceptance: Instead of dwelling on what could have been, accept things as they are. Embrace the present moment and learn from it. Acceptance allows you to move forward and find peace.
  • 3. Commit to something: Rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity or the ideal path, commit to something that matters to you. By taking ownership of your choices and embracing the ambiguity of life, you can find meaning and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.


In the journey of life, it's essential to appreciate the process of growth and give ourselves credit for our efforts. By embracing the concept of Amor Fati and accepting what is, we can find meaning in our lives. Remember to let go of what weighs on your soul, make your own choices, and commit to something that matters to you. Embrace the freedom to invent your values and find fulfillment in the process of self-discovery.

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