The Power of Stubbornness and Focus in Achieving Success

Esteban Tala

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Jan 25, 2024

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The Power of Stubbornness and Focus in Achieving Success


In a study highlighted by Matter and Time, it was found that stubborn children are more likely to be successful later in life. While this may seem counterintuitive, the researchers suggest that their defiance and strong-willed nature contribute to their achievements. Additionally, the concept of focus plays a crucial role in achieving success, both on an individual and organizational level. By examining the connection between stubbornness, focus, and success, we can gain valuable insights into how these traits can be harnessed for personal and professional growth.

The Link Between Stubbornness and Success:

According to the study mentioned, stubborn children tend to be more competitive in the classroom, leading to better grades. Their refusal to conform to societal norms and rules may translate into a willingness to fight for their own interests later in life, even at the risk of annoying others. However, it is important to note that the study does not rule out the possibility of these individuals resorting to unethical means to achieve higher salaries. Nevertheless, their strong-willed nature often drives them to go the extra mile in pursuit of their goals, which can ultimately contribute to their success.

Harnessing Focus for Personal Growth:

When it comes to personal growth, cultivating focus is essential. The most focused people around us often provide clues about the areas we should be focusing on. By observing their choices and interests, we can identify the best ideas that are not being explored. This allows us to capitalize on untapped opportunities and maximize our potential. In a world filled with numerous distractions and opportunities, committing to a specific path becomes increasingly challenging. However, without commitment, true focus cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize our goals and dedicate our efforts towards them.

Applying Focus in Organizational Context:

For companies, understanding what their strongest competitors are not doing can provide valuable insights and a competitive edge. By interviewing focused individuals from rival companies, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their strategies and identify areas where they may be falling short. This knowledge can then be utilized to develop innovative solutions and surpass the competition. Additionally, fostering a culture of focus within the company can enhance productivity and drive success. Encouraging employees to prioritize tasks, eliminate distractions, and concentrate on their core responsibilities can result in significant improvements.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace your stubbornness: If you have a strong-willed nature, embrace it as a valuable trait rather than trying to suppress it. Channel your determination towards productive pursuits and use it as a driving force to achieve your goals.
  • 2. Identify your focus areas: Observe the most focused individuals around you and analyze their choices and interests. Identify the best ideas that are not being explored and align your efforts with these untapped opportunities. This will help you maximize your personal growth and stand out from the crowd.
  • 3. Foster a culture of focus: If you are part of an organization, encourage a culture of focus among your team members. Provide them with the necessary tools and resources to eliminate distractions and concentrate on their core responsibilities. This will lead to increased productivity and ultimately contribute to the success of the company.


Stubbornness and focus, when harnessed correctly, can be powerful drivers of success. While stubborn children may face challenges, their refusal to conform can lead to greater achievements in adulthood. By embracing our own stubbornness and cultivating focus, both individually and within organizations, we can unlock our true potential and achieve remarkable results. So, let us celebrate our strong-willed nature and use it as a stepping stone towards success.

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