"When Weakness Turns Your Ego Up: 3 Ways to Build Lasting Relationships and Boost Likability"

Esteban Tala

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Feb 23, 2024

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"When Weakness Turns Your Ego Up: 3 Ways to Build Lasting Relationships and Boost Likability"

Confidence is often mistakenly equated with loudness and attention-seeking behavior. However, true strength and power are found in restraint and the ability to remain calm and composed, even in challenging situations. Ego, on the other hand, can be a warning sign that we are heading in the wrong direction, that we are not as strong or secure as we believe ourselves to be.

In our pursuit of success and recognition, it is essential to cultivate likability and build lasting relationships. A grandfather's advice provides valuable insights into how we can achieve this. Here are three actionable steps to consider:

  • 1. Stay in touch with your past, as far back as you can go

Maintaining connections with the people who have played a role in our lives is crucial. It's easy to focus on current colleagues and professionals we interact with, but there is immense value in reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances. Consider reaching out to schoolmates or childhood friends through online directories or social media platforms. By updating your own information, you make it easier for others to connect with you. These rekindled relationships can bring unexpected benefits and opportunities.

  • 2. Have something to trade

Instead of fixating on our deficiencies, we can leverage our strengths in creative ways. Whether it's technology, languages, art, or business acumen, everyone possesses unique skills and interests. By offering our expertise in exchange for help or support in areas where we lack proficiency, we not only bridge gaps but also foster meaningful connections. This exchange of ideas and resources enriches our own knowledge and makes us more interesting to others. Building these genuine relationships goes beyond professional networking and allows us to be seen as multifaceted individuals.

  • 3. Create your own quirky persona

Authenticity is key when crafting our personal brand. While clothing choices play a role in how we present ourselves, our overall persona should reflect our true selves. It's not about wearing a logo or a slogan; it's about showcasing our individuality in a way that feels natural. If fashion is not your forte, don't worry. There are other avenues to express your uniqueness. Whether it's through your sense of humor, hobbies, or unconventional interests, embrace what sets you apart. Being true to yourself attracts like-minded individuals and helps build memorable relationships.

In conclusion, the path to likability and lasting relationships lies in humility, self-awareness, and genuine connections. By staying connected with our past, leveraging our strengths, and embracing our quirks, we can create a strong foundation for building meaningful relationships. Remember, true confidence is quiet, and ego should serve as a warning sign rather than a driving force. Let us put these insights into action and witness the positive impact they have on our personal and professional lives.

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