The Purpose of Life: Participating in Evolution Through Action

Esteban Tala

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Mar 08, 2024

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The Purpose of Life: Participating in Evolution Through Action

"The purpose of life is to participate in evolution through action." This profound statement highlights the importance of actively engaging with the world around us and making a meaningful contribution to its evolution. While many people strive to make the world a better place, it is crucial to understand that this encompasses more than just improving the economy or society. It extends to the biosphere and the collective growth of humanity.

Viktor Frankl, in his book "Man's Search for Meaning," emphasizes the need for a fundamental change in our attitude toward life. He suggests that instead of pondering the meaning of life, we should view ourselves as individuals being questioned by life on a daily and hourly basis. Our response should not be mere introspection, but rather right action and conduct. Frankl's insight reminds us that true purpose is found in actively living and engaging with the world, rather than simply contemplating our existence.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe echoes this sentiment in his work "Maxims and Reflections." He asserts that self-discovery comes not through excessive contemplation, but through action. By doing our duty and taking decisive steps, we gain a true understanding of our worth and potential. Goethe's words encourage us to embrace action as a means of uncovering our purpose and value in life.

Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, in their book "The Tools," emphasize the importance of taking action to find a sense of purpose. They suggest that purpose is not derived from mere thoughts but is rather a result of the actions that propel us forward. Just as toddlers explore the world through action, adults also need a constant influx of new experiences, challenges, and problems to fuel their growth and evolution. These experiences can be both external and visible, as well as internal and psychological. By actively engaging with life's challenges and learning from them, we acquire valuable experiences and develop better values and meaning.

The concept of the "generation effect" further supports the idea that action is essential in the learning process. This theory suggests that actively creating and manipulating content enhances our ability to retain and retrieve information. When we generate our own material based on what we want to learn, we activate our semantic memory, which encompasses our accumulated world knowledge. This process also creates relationships between different pieces of information, making it easier to recall them when needed.

So, how can we incorporate the generation effect into our day-to-day lives? One approach is to summarize what we have read or learned without referring to the source material. After reading a blog post, challenge yourself to write a few bullet points from memory. If you're learning a new skill like coding, read a tutorial attentively and then try to apply what you've learned without looking back at the tutorial. Only consult it when you encounter difficulties. When memorizing information, ask a friend to quiz you or create your own flashcards to test yourself. By actively producing content and engaging with the material, we enhance our learning experience and reinforce our understanding.

In conclusion, the purpose of life lies in actively participating in the evolution of ourselves and the world around us. We must move beyond passive contemplation and embrace action as the catalyst for growth and meaning. Through right action and conduct, we can find our purpose and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity. To cultivate a sense of purpose, we should adopt the generation effect in our learning routines and actively engage with the material we encounter. By doing so, we will fuel our personal evolution and make a positive impact on the world.

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