The Intersection of Building a Solid Marketing Plan and Keeping Up with Digital Media Trends in 2023

Gina Martinez

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Aug 20, 2023

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The Intersection of Building a Solid Marketing Plan and Keeping Up with Digital Media Trends in 2023


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, marketers face the challenge of not only creating a solid marketing plan but also staying ahead of the ever-evolving digital media trends. This article explores the common points between building a marketing plan and keeping up with digital media trends, providing actionable advice to help marketers navigate this dynamic landscape.

Gathering the Information for a Well-Rounded Marketing Plan:

A solid marketing plan requires thorough research and gathering of relevant information. Similarly, keeping up with digital media trends demands staying informed about the latest developments in the industry. By combining these two processes, marketers can create a marketing plan that incorporates the most effective digital media strategies.

Incorporating Key Elements for a Well-Rounded Marketing Plan:

To build a solid marketing plan, marketers need to incorporate key elements such as target audience analysis, competitor research, and goal setting. These elements align with the digital media trends of 2023, where CMOs must focus on privacy and data regulation, influencer marketing, and cross-channel marketing.

The Rise of Connected TV:

As we move into 2023, an estimated 87% of US households will be using connected TV. CMOs need to adapt their advertising strategies accordingly, incorporating traditional TV commercials alongside digital ads optimized for connected TV platforms. Collaborating closely with media partners will help identify the most effective ad formats and placements for reaching the target audience on these platforms.

The Growth of Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing has gained significant popularity in recent years and is projected to continue its upward trajectory, with an estimated $6.16 billion expected to be spent on influencer marketing in 2023. CMOs should leverage this trend by partnering with social media influencers to reach new audiences and build brand awareness. Selecting the right influencers strategically and measuring campaign effectiveness will be crucial in maximizing the impact of influencer collaborations.

The Importance of Cross-Channel Marketing:

In the digital media landscape of 2023, cross-channel marketing has become paramount. CMOs must ensure their marketing plan encompasses various channels, including social media, search engines, email marketing, and more. By leveraging the strengths of each channel and creating a cohesive brand message, marketers can effectively engage with their target audience across multiple platforms.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Conduct thorough research: Gather data and insights about your target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This information will inform your marketing plan and help you stay up to date with digital media trends.
  • 2. Collaborate with media partners: Work closely with your media partners to identify the most effective ad formats and placements for reaching your target audience on connected TV platforms and other digital channels.
  • 3. Measure and analyze campaign effectiveness: Utilize analytics tools and metrics to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. This data will provide valuable insights for refining your strategies and staying adaptable in the face of changing digital media trends.


Building a solid marketing plan and keeping up with digital media trends are two interconnected processes that require careful consideration and adaptability. By incorporating the key elements of a marketing plan and staying informed about the latest digital media trends, marketers can create effective strategies that resonate with their target audience. With the actionable advice provided in this article, marketers can navigate the dynamic landscape of 2023 and drive success in their marketing efforts.

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