Increased PoS Transaction Costs in Lagos State Pose Challenges for Businesses and Customers

Feranmi Olaseinde

Hatched by Feranmi Olaseinde

Oct 01, 2023

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Increased PoS Transaction Costs in Lagos State Pose Challenges for Businesses and Customers

In Lagos State, Nigeria, businesses and customers are facing a significant challenge due to increased Point of Sale (PoS) transaction costs. This issue arises at a time when the country is already grappling with high inflationary pressures and an economic downturn, making the impact of this revision even more pronounced.

The rising PoS transaction costs in Lagos State have become a cause for concern for businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who heavily rely on electronic payments. With the implementation of higher transaction charges, these businesses are now left with the burden of additional expenses, putting a strain on their already struggling finances.

For customers, the increased PoS transaction costs mean that they will have to bear the brunt of these additional charges. This comes as a setback for individuals who have been encouraged to embrace cashless transactions as a means to promote financial inclusion and enhance convenience. The higher costs associated with PoS transactions may discourage customers from using electronic payments, leading to a resurgence in cash-based transactions, which could undermine the efforts made towards a more digitally-driven economy.

The current economic climate, characterized by high inflation and an economic downturn, exacerbates the challenges faced by both businesses and customers in Lagos State. With businesses already grappling with reduced consumer spending and limited access to credit, the increased PoS transaction costs further add to their financial burdens. Similarly, customers who are already feeling the pinch of rising prices and reduced purchasing power will find it even more challenging to manage their expenses with the added transaction costs.

In light of these challenges, it is crucial for businesses and customers alike to explore alternative solutions to mitigate the impact of increased PoS transaction costs. Here are three actionable pieces of advice for businesses and customers in Lagos State:

  • 1. Explore alternative payment methods: Businesses should consider diversifying their payment options to include alternatives to PoS transactions. Mobile money services and online payment platforms offer convenient and cost-effective alternatives that can help reduce the impact of increased transaction costs. Similarly, customers should explore the use of mobile money and digital wallets to minimize their reliance on PoS transactions.
  • 2. Advocate for policy changes: Businesses and customers can join forces to advocate for policy changes that address the issue of increased PoS transaction costs. By engaging with relevant stakeholders, such as government agencies and industry associations, concerted efforts can be made to find a more sustainable and mutually beneficial solution. Collective action can help create a conducive environment for businesses and customers to thrive.
  • 3. Enhance financial literacy: Both businesses and customers need to prioritize financial literacy to navigate the challenges posed by increased PoS transaction costs. Businesses should invest in educating their staff about the various payment options available and how to minimize costs. Customers, on the other hand, should educate themselves about the benefits of cashless transactions and how to leverage alternative payment methods effectively.

In conclusion, the increased PoS transaction costs in Lagos State present significant challenges for businesses and customers. However, by exploring alternative payment methods, advocating for policy changes, and enhancing financial literacy, it is possible to mitigate the impact of these costs. As Lagos State strives to build a more digitally-driven economy, it is essential to address these challenges and promote a favorable environment for businesses and customers alike.

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