"The Impacts of Tinubu's Economic Policies on Christmas Spending and How to Think Fast Before Speaking"

Feranmi Olaseinde

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Apr 29, 2024

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"The Impacts of Tinubu's Economic Policies on Christmas Spending and How to Think Fast Before Speaking"


In 2023, President Tinubu implemented several economic policies that have had significant effects on various aspects of Nigerian society, including Christmas spending. One of the most controversial policies was the decision to float the naira against the dollar, aimed at reducing the discrepancy between the official and parallel markets. Additionally, the removal of fuel subsidies and the subsequent increase in fuel prices also added to the challenges faced by Nigerians during the festive season. In this article, we will explore the implications of these policies on Christmas spending and discuss a framework for thinking fast before speaking.

Impact on Christmas Spending:

The floating of the naira against the dollar had a direct impact on the purchasing power of Nigerians during the Christmas season. With the headline inflation standing at 28.28% against the dollar, the cost of imported goods and services surged, making it more difficult for individuals to afford Christmas essentials. Small business owners, who relied on petroleum motor spirit (PMS) to power their businesses, also faced significant challenges due to the removal of fuel subsidies. The soaring transportation costs and the rising prices of staple food items, clothing, and other goods further burdened the already strained budgets of Nigerians during the holiday season.

Addressing the Core Challenges:

Despite the government's effort to address the rising cost of living through the implementation of policies like floating the naira and removing fuel subsidies, these measures did not effectively tackle the core challenge of inflation and food inflation. While the government implemented a rebate that was set to end in early 2024, it did not adequately alleviate the high cost of living experienced by Nigerians. As a result, the impact of these policies on Christmas spending remained significant and burdensome for many.

How to Think Fast Before You Speak:

Thinking fast before speaking is a crucial skill, especially in high-pressure situations where quick and effective communication is essential. Framework thinking can help individuals organize their thoughts and knowledge into structured frameworks that facilitate faster recall and more coherent responses. While schools may not explicitly teach these frameworks, there are two ways to acquire them. The first is through creating frameworks oneself, similar to how Apple teaches its employees using Picasso's art. By distilling knowledge down to its essence, individuals can develop frameworks that make thinking fast more accessible.

Reasoning from first principles instead of relying solely on analogies is another important aspect of thinking fast. By understanding the fundamental principles of a topic, individuals can develop frameworks that allow them to reason and respond more effectively. Additionally, having a library of frameworks on topics that are important to an individual can further enhance their ability to think fast and provide deeper insights. Connecting different frameworks can also elevate the depth and quality of one's responses.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Develop personal frameworks: Take the time to distill your knowledge and experiences into structured frameworks. This will enable you to think faster and respond more effectively in various situations.
  • 2. Reason from first principles: Instead of relying solely on analogies, strive to understand the fundamental principles of a topic. This will help you develop frameworks that facilitate quicker and more accurate thinking.
  • 3. Connect different frameworks: Look for opportunities to connect different frameworks in your thinking. This will allow you to provide more comprehensive and insightful responses, enhancing your ability to think fast on your feet.


President Tinubu's economic policies in 2023 had significant impacts on Christmas spending in Nigeria. The decision to float the naira and remove fuel subsidies contributed to inflation, increased the cost of living, and added financial burdens for both individuals and small business owners. However, by developing personal frameworks and reasoning from first principles, individuals can improve their ability to think fast before speaking. Connecting different frameworks further enhances the depth and quality of one's responses. By incorporating these actionable tips, individuals can navigate high-pressure situations more effectively and communicate with clarity and confidence.

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