Business Advice for Your 18-Year-Old Self: Insights from Corporate Bankers and Excel Experts

Feranmi Olaseinde

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May 27, 2024

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Business Advice for Your 18-Year-Old Self: Insights from Corporate Bankers and Excel Experts


As we navigate the complex world of business, it's natural to wonder what advice we would give our younger selves. In this article, we'll explore the insights shared by corporate bankers and Excel experts, shedding light on career longevity, day-to-day challenges, and valuable skills. We'll also uncover a pro tip for using Microsoft Excel formulas. So, let's dive in!

Insights from Corporate Bankers:

Corporate bankers, working in capital markets and investment banking, provide valuable insights into their careers. They highlight the importance of enjoying the job and finding it intellectually stimulating. Many bankers find fixed income more interesting, with better hours compared to other areas of banking. The ability to develop deep product knowledge is a common theme, allowing professionals to specialize within specific areas such as LevFin, sustainable finance, IR/CR, LM, treasury, and FinTech product management.

While corporate banking offers opportunities for growth, it's crucial to explore potential exits within the industry. Colleagues have successfully transitioned their careers to equity research or other roles. The variety of options available highlights the transferable skills gained in corporate banking.

Day-to-Day Challenges and Compensation:

The day-to-day challenges faced by corporate bankers include time-sensitive deadlines, communication, and managing stakeholders. Juggling emails, calls, meetings, and reviewing term sheets can be demanding. Effective communication skills are essential, whether it's obtaining quality feedback from investors or managing sales relationships.

When it comes to compensation, corporate bankers enjoy competitive packages. However, it's important to negotiate salaries and benefits based on experience, expertise, and market conditions. Longevity in the career is possible with consistent performance and a proactive approach to career growth.

Insights from Excel Experts:

Excel experts share their knowledge of useful formulas that can streamline data manipulation and analysis. One pro tip is the use of the Choose function to join arrays. This function allows separate cell ranges to be combined into a single array, which can then be referenced or manipulated as a unit within other formulas. This feature proves handy in various use cases, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Excel Formulas You Need to Know:

While the Choose function is certainly useful, there are other Excel formulas that can significantly improve your data management skills. Here are three actionable tips to enhance your Excel proficiency:

  • 1. VLOOKUP: This formula allows you to search for specific data in a table and retrieve corresponding values. It saves time and effort when dealing with large datasets.
  • 2. SUMIF: When you need to sum values based on specific criteria, the SUMIF formula comes to the rescue. It enables targeted calculations, making complex data analysis more manageable.
  • 3. PivotTables: PivotTables are a powerful tool for summarizing and analyzing large data sets. They allow you to quickly create insightful reports and identify trends or patterns.


As we reflect on the advice shared by corporate bankers and Excel experts, it becomes evident that there are common threads connecting the two domains. Effective communication, continuous learning, and adaptability are crucial in both fields. For aspiring business professionals, it's essential to find a career that aligns with your interests and offers opportunities for growth. Additionally, mastering Excel formulas can significantly enhance your data management skills, making you a valuable asset in any business setting. So, embrace these insights and take action towards building a successful future in business and beyond.

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