Encouraging Diaspora Remittances and Ensuring Fair Pricing: Insights and Actions

Feranmi Olaseinde

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Feb 25, 2024

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Encouraging Diaspora Remittances and Ensuring Fair Pricing: Insights and Actions


The flow of remittances from the diaspora has long been recognized as a significant source of economic support for many countries, including Nigeria. In recent times, discussions have focused on ways to encourage more diaspora remittances and the need for fair pricing practices in the online retail industry. This article aims to explore these two topics and identify common points that can lead to actionable solutions.

Encouraging Diaspora Remittances:

One key factor in encouraging diaspora remittances is the exchange rate. The unification of the exchange rate for the dollar, as suggested by an expert, can serve as a great encouragement. This unification ensures that individuals who send dollars to Nigeria for investments or support receive greater value and return on their investments. Previously, fluctuations in the exchange rate caused uncertainties and reduced the attractiveness of sending remittances. By providing stability and increased returns, Nigeria can attract more diaspora remittances, which can contribute significantly to the nation's development.

Fair Pricing Practices in Online Retail:

The issue of fair pricing practices in the online retail industry has also come to the forefront. Reports have emerged that Amazon, one of the industry giants, reportedly used a secret algorithm called Nessie to manipulate prices. This algorithm would inflate prices and monitor whether other retailers, like Target, would follow suit. If competing retailers maintained lower prices, Amazon's algorithm would automatically revert its prices to normal.

Connecting the Dots:

At first glance, the connection between diaspora remittances and online retail pricing may seem tenuous. However, a closer look reveals a common thread – the importance of fairness and transparency. Just as the unification of exchange rates encourages trust and confidence in remittance transactions, fair pricing practices in the online retail industry are crucial for consumer trust and loyalty. Consumers need to believe that they are getting a fair deal, regardless of where they are located.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Encourage Transparency: Governments and regulatory bodies should promote transparency in exchange rates and remittance processes. By ensuring that individuals are aware of the rates and fees involved in sending remittances, trust can be fostered. Similarly, online retailers should be transparent about their pricing strategies and algorithms, providing customers with a clear understanding of how prices are determined.
  • 2. Enhance Consumer Protection: Establishing robust consumer protection mechanisms is vital in both the remittance and online retail sectors. Governments should enforce regulations that protect consumers from unfair practices and ensure that their rights are upheld. Online retailers should also implement measures to safeguard consumer interests, such as price-matching guarantees and clear return policies.
  • 3. Foster Collaboration: Governments, financial institutions, and online retailers should collaborate to address these issues collectively. By working together, they can develop solutions that benefit all stakeholders. For example, partnerships between financial institutions and online retailers can lead to innovative remittance options with fair and competitive pricing structures.


Encouraging diaspora remittances and ensuring fair pricing practices are two vital areas for improvement. By unifying exchange rates and promoting transparency, Nigeria can attract more diaspora remittances and boost economic growth. Similarly, the online retail industry must prioritize fair pricing strategies to build consumer trust and loyalty. By taking actionable steps to enhance transparency, consumer protection, and collaboration, governments, financial institutions, and online retailers can create an environment that benefits all parties involved.

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