The Slow Progress of Large-scale AI Applications and the XR Industry's Retreat: What Can We Learn?

Vincent Hsu

Hatched by Vincent Hsu

Nov 12, 2023

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The Slow Progress of Large-scale AI Applications and the XR Industry's Retreat: What Can We Learn?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, there are often moments when certain innovations fail to live up to the hype surrounding them. Two recent examples that have garnered attention are the slow progress of large-scale AI applications and the XR industry's retreat. While these may seem like separate issues, there are underlying commonalities that we can explore to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by these sectors.

One reason for the sluggish development of large-scale AI applications, apart from the successful ChatGPT, is the lack of killer applications. As much as we obsess over how AI can replace us or be applied to various business sectors, it is important to approach this issue with a strategic mindset. Instead of rushing to find immediate solutions, we should invest our time and effort into understanding the underlying technologies and applications. By doing so, we can develop unique insights and perspectives that will make us better prepared for the future.

Similarly, the XR industry's recent retreat, as exemplified by Tencent's decision to dissolve its XR team and reports of a complete suspension of XR operations, raises questions about the future of this once-promising sector. But what can we learn from this setback? One key takeaway is the need for a tactical approach. Rather than panicking in the face of adversity, it is essential to stay observant and adaptable. By maintaining a deep understanding of the industry and its technologies, we can better anticipate market trends and adjust our strategies accordingly.

In both the AI and XR sectors, it is crucial to stay informed and be open to new ideas. This means actively seeking out information and insights from a variety of sources. By doing so, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of the industry and identify potential opportunities for growth. Additionally, fostering a mindset of continual learning and curiosity will allow us to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing circumstances.

To navigate the challenges faced by the large-scale AI and XR industries, here are three actionable pieces of advice:

  • 1. Embrace a long-term strategic approach: Instead of fixating on immediate applications and quick wins, focus on building a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding. This will enable you to spot emerging trends and capitalize on them when the time is right.
  • 2. Stay observant and adaptable: Be vigilant in monitoring the industry landscape and be open to adjusting your strategies as needed. By staying nimble, you can pivot quickly in response to market shifts and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • 3. Foster a culture of continuous learning: Encourage a mindset of curiosity and growth within your organization. Invest in ongoing education and professional development to ensure that your team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

In conclusion, the slow progress of large-scale AI applications and the XR industry's retreat offer valuable lessons for anyone involved in the technology sector. By adopting a strategic mindset, staying observant and adaptable, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we can navigate the challenges and uncertainties of these industries with confidence. Remember, it is not just about finding immediate solutions, but rather about developing a deep understanding and unique insights that will position us for success in the long run.

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