Building a Strong Foundation for Your Publication: Insights from Substack and Simon Sinek


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Jun 05, 2023

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Building a Strong Foundation for Your Publication: Insights from Substack and Simon Sinek

The world of content creation has never been more exciting, or more challenging. Whether you're an established publisher or a budding blogger, it's essential to have a solid foundation and a clear sense of purpose. In this essay, we'll explore two different perspectives on building a successful publication: Substack's approach to creating a home for your content, and Simon Sinek's insights on the power of purpose in business.

Substack Grow: Building a Home for Your Publication

Substack is a platform that enables writers to create and monetize their own newsletters. In their recent post, "Substack Grow: Building a Home for Your Publication," they offer advice on how to build a strong foundation for your publication. One of their key recommendations is to start with a clear value proposition. What unique perspective or expertise do you bring to the table? What problem are you solving for your readers? By defining your value proposition, you can ensure that your content is focused and relevant, which will help you attract and retain subscribers.

Another important element of building a home for your publication is community. Substack suggests that writers should think of their subscribers as members of a community, and should engage with them accordingly. This means not only sharing your content, but also asking for feedback, answering questions, and creating opportunities for interaction. By fostering a sense of connection and belonging among your readers, you can build a loyal following and create a sustainable business model.

Simon Sinek: The Power of Purpose in Business

Simon Sinek is a bestselling author and speaker who has dedicated his career to helping businesses and individuals find their "why." In his book Start with Why, he argues that purpose is the key to success in business. According to Sinek, companies that focus on their why – their core values and beliefs – are more likely to inspire loyalty and achieve long-term success than those that focus solely on what they do or how they do it.

So what does this have to do with content creation? Sinek's insights are relevant to anyone who wants to build a strong foundation for their publication. By starting with your why – your purpose for creating content – you can ensure that everything you produce is aligned with your values and beliefs. This, in turn, will help you attract readers who share your perspective and are more likely to become loyal subscribers.


Whether you're building a newsletter on Substack or starting a blog from scratch, a strong foundation is essential. By defining your value proposition, building a community, and focusing on your purpose, you can create a publication that resonates with readers and stands the test of time. So take inspiration from both Substack and Simon Sinek, and start building a home for your content today.

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