The Power of Curating and Breaking the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop


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Aug 20, 2023

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The Power of Curating and Breaking the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop


Curating information and breaking the perfectionism-procrastination loop may seem like unrelated topics, but they both hold valuable lessons for personal growth and learning. In this article, we will explore the concept of content curation and its educational benefits, as well as strategies to overcome perfectionism and procrastination. By understanding these two concepts, we can enhance our understanding, connect with others, and achieve our goals more effectively.

Understanding Content Curation:

Content curation goes beyond simply collecting and classifying objects under a certain theme. It involves a deeper thinking process through synthesis and evaluation of collected items. The key phrase here is the inquiry process. To truly curate educational resources, inquiry must be a part of the process. By evaluating and selecting the most relevant and valuable resources, we can build knowledge and understanding. The context becomes essential in determining what to keep and what to discard. Curating is not just for personal benefit, but for the broader audience as well. Through sharing and participating in the learning process, we can enhance understanding and construct knowledge together.

Breaking the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop:

Perfectionism is often driven by fear, specifically the fear of change. Setting unrealistic goals and introducing harsh self-criticism can hinder progress and lead to procrastination. To break this loop, it is important to recognize the destructive cycle and replace judgment with self-compassion. Setting intentions properly by being specific and realistic can help overcome the irrational delay of tasks. Reaching out for help and mentorship can provide new perspectives and fill the gaps in our own vision of perfection. By taking action and accepting that perfection is subjective, we can overcome the fear of failure and continue to grow.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the Inquiry Process: When curating information, take the time to evaluate and synthesize resources. Look for context and connections that enhance understanding. Share your curated collection to benefit others and engage in participatory learning.
  • 2. Replace Perfectionism with Self-Compassion: Recognize the destructive cycle of perfectionism and replace judgment with self-compassion. Set specific and realistic goals that allow for growth and progress. Remember that perfection is subjective and taking action is more important than striving for an unattainable ideal.
  • 3. Seek Support and Perspective: Don't be afraid to reach out for help and mentorship. By gaining new perspectives and filling the gaps in your own vision, you can overcome the fear of change and continue to take action towards your goals.


Content curation and breaking the perfectionism-procrastination loop may seem unrelated, but they both emphasize the importance of learning from others and taking action. By curating information, we enhance our understanding and allow others to participate in the learning process. By overcoming perfectionism and procrastination, we can achieve our goals and grow personally and professionally. Embrace the power of curating and break free from the cycle of perfectionism to unlock your full potential.

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