"Defining Your Product Strategy: The Intersection of Delighting Customers and Building Enduring Value"


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Sep 08, 2023

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"Defining Your Product Strategy: The Intersection of Delighting Customers and Building Enduring Value"


Defining a solid product strategy is crucial for businesses aiming to create long-term, enduring value. It requires the delicate balance of delighting customers while enhancing profit margins. In this article, we will explore the insights gained from the experiences of professionals in the industry and how they learned to think strategically to accelerate progress.

Shifting Focus: From Satisfying to Delighting Customers:

One professional, who worked at Netflix, shares their experience of shifting their focus from merely satisfying customers to delighting them. By understanding the importance of exceeding customer expectations, they were able to create a product strategy centered around providing exceptional experiences. This shift in mindset proved to be a game-changer in building long-term customer loyalty and value.

The Balancing Act: Delight and Margin:

Another valuable lesson learned was the delicate balancing act between delighting customers and maintaining profit margins. It became clear that delighting customers alone was not enough; it had to be done in a way that also enhanced the company's bottom line. This understanding led to the development of a product strategy that prioritized hard-to-copy initiatives, ensuring a competitive advantage while satisfying customers.

Building Enduring Value: The Art of Strategic Thinking:

Strategic thinking emerged as a key factor in accelerating progress and building enduring value. It enabled professionals to look ahead, anticipate future trends, and "skip quarters." By adopting a strategic mindset, they were able to develop hypotheses for delighting customers in ways that were both hard to replicate and financially advantageous. This approach allowed them to create products that stood the test of time and generated long-term success.

Connecting Knowledge: The Importance of Organized Learning:

In the realm of UX (User Experience) design, knowledge organization plays a vital role in effective learning. While there is a prevailing belief that UX professionals should have expertise in various fields, there is often a lack of guidance on how to connect the dots and transform information into knowledge. Developing a habit of organizing and connecting knowledge is essential for professionals seeking to broaden their understanding and create innovative user experiences.

Expanding Knowledge Networks:

One approach to knowledge organization involves treating knowledge as a network. By actively seeking connections between different fields and disciplines, professionals can create a web of knowledge that enhances their overall understanding of UX. This interdisciplinary approach fosters creativity and enables the development of unique insights that can drive product strategy.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Prioritize Delightful Experiences: When defining your product strategy, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Aim to exceed their expectations and provide delightful experiences that set your product apart from competitors.
  • 2. Embrace Strategic Thinking: Look beyond short-term gains and adopt a strategic mindset. This involves anticipating future trends, developing hypotheses, and making decisions that will create enduring value for your product.
  • 3. Foster Knowledge Connections: Invest time in organizing and connecting knowledge across different fields. Seek out diverse perspectives, explore interdisciplinary approaches, and actively look for opportunities to apply insights from other domains to your UX design process.


Defining a product strategy that successfully balances customer delight and profit margins is a complex task. By incorporating insights from professionals who have experienced the challenges and triumphs of building enduring value, we can gain a deeper understanding of the principles and practices that drive successful product strategies. By prioritizing customer delight, embracing strategic thinking, and fostering knowledge connections, businesses can position themselves for long-term success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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