"Curating and Living a Legacy: Connecting Creativity and Intentionality"


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Aug 20, 2023

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"Curating and Living a Legacy: Connecting Creativity and Intentionality"


In our journey of curating and learning, we often stumble upon unexpected sources of inspiration. From the Lego bin, where disassembled pieces come together to form new creations, to the world of IKEA hacks, where individuals reimagine furniture beyond the instruction manuals, we discover the power of collaboration and creativity. Simultaneously, the concept of leaving a legacy and living a legacy beckons us to reflect on how we shape the future through our actions and values. As we explore these parallel narratives, we find common threads that weave together the importance of creativity, intentionality, and growth.

The Magic of Curating:

The Lego bin is a fascinating metaphor for the process of curating and learning in a collaborative way. Just as the repository of disassembled Lego pieces holds infinite possibilities, so does the world of curated resources. Take, for instance, IKEA's well-organized and tagged warehouse of resources that can be easily accessed. This system allows individuals to find the perfect piece to turn their ideas into finished products without the frustration of searching aimlessly. Similarly, platforms for curation and discovery in schools across the country are evolving, enabling educators and students to create sophisticated "Lego bins" of knowledge and inspiration.

Unlocking Creativity:

However, the Lego bin and its linear process of following instructions may limit our creative potential. This is where the concept of IKEA hacks comes into play. The burgeoning community of creative individuals who engage in these hacks reimagine furniture beyond the prescribed instructions, resulting in unique and personalized creations. The end products of these hacks populate the internet and inspire others to adapt, tweak, and improve upon the original designs. In this way, creativity becomes a collaborative process, where individuals build upon each other's ideas, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Living a Legacy:

As we delve deeper into the idea of legacy, we realize that it is not just about leaving something behind; it is about living with intentionality and purpose. The quote, "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards," reminds us that the true impact of our lives lies in the values we embody and the way we live. Similar to how the Lego bin and IKEA hacks encourage us to challenge conventional thinking, living a legacy requires us to be intentional about the values we instill in future generations. By doing so, we create a ripple effect that shapes the future and builds upon the foundation we lay.

Connecting Creativity and Intentionality:

In connecting the themes of curating and living a legacy, we find a unique synergy between creativity and intentionality. Just as the Lego bin and IKEA hacks foster creative thinking and the sharing of innovative ideas, living a legacy urges us to be intentional about the values we pass on and the impact we make. By combining creativity and intentionality, we can unlock our full potential and make a lasting difference in the world.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the concept of "Lego bins" in your own life by curating resources and knowledge that fuel your creativity and growth. Explore online platforms and communities that foster collaboration and inspire you to think beyond conventional boundaries.
  • 2. Reflect on the values you want to instill in future generations. Be intentional about living those values in your day-to-day life and create opportunities to pass them on to others. Whether it's through mentorship, teaching, or leading by example, make a conscious effort to leave a positive and lasting legacy.
  • 3. Continuously seek opportunities to adapt, tweak, and improve upon existing ideas and creations. Just as the IKEA hacks community builds upon each other's designs, embrace a growth mindset that encourages constant learning and innovation. By challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, you can make a meaningful impact and inspire others to do the same.


In the journey of curating and living a legacy, we discover the transformative power of creativity and intentionality. Whether it's through the Lego bin, the world of IKEA hacks, or the values we embody in our lives, we have the opportunity to shape the future and leave a lasting impact. By embracing collaboration, thinking beyond instructions, and living with intention, we can curate a legacy that inspires others and fosters a culture of growth and innovation. So, let us embark on this journey, connecting creativity and intentionality, as we curate and live a legacy that transcends time.

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