Tokenomics - Three Things Creators Need to Know Before Making a Social Token: 15 Unconventional Lessons About Life, Money, and Success


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Aug 07, 2023

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Tokenomics - Three Things Creators Need to Know Before Making a Social Token: 15 Unconventional Lessons About Life, Money, and Success


Creating a successful social token requires careful consideration of token design, distribution, and financial aspects. In this article, we will explore three essential aspects that creators need to know before making a social token. Additionally, we will also highlight 15 unconventional lessons about life, money, and success that can help creators navigate their journey.

1. Token Design:

When creating a social token, creators must make important decisions regarding the token's design. One of the first considerations is the total initial supply of the token. Creators can choose between a fixed supply model or a bonding curve model.

The fixed supply model involves defining the number of tokens beforehand and receiving them directly in a wallet. On the other hand, the bonding curve model requires individuals to purchase tokens, with the price increasing as the supply or distribution of the token grows. When someone sells a token in this model, it gets burnt, reducing the supply and lowering the token price.

While both models have their pros and cons, it is generally recommended for creators, unless they are experts, to opt for a token on a fixed supply. This choice guarantees liquidity, allows for a limitless supply, reduces token volatility, and minimizes the risks of hacks.

2. Token Distribution:

Token distribution plays a crucial role in incentivizing people to contribute to the growth of a project. Creators can utilize two main methods for allocating tokens to the community: bounties and budget allocations.

Bounties are one-off missions that attract individuals to participate flexibly and earn tokens in exchange for their time. This method is useful for attracting more people to the community. However, bounty hunters are often not involved in the long-term vision and day-to-day operations.

On the other hand, creators can establish guilds or working groups responsible for specific missions within the community. By allocating funds to these teams, community leaders can organize the community more thoughtfully and encourage collaboration. It is crucial to have enough treasury to reward active community members effectively.

Additionally, creators must consider that anyone receiving tokens becomes an investor and potentially holds governance power within the community. This highlights the importance of distributing tokens carefully, especially in the early stages of community development.

3. Financial Aspects:

Managing the stability of a token is vital to ensure that people remain motivated to collaborate and contribute. One way to achieve stability is by pooling liquidity. This involves creating a pool where individuals can exchange the social token and another token, such as a stable coin, for trading purposes.

Creating liquidity pools helps facilitate trading by ensuring there are always buyers and sellers available. It also allows for the earning of trading fees proportional to the share of total liquidity.

To limit token volatility, creators can consider vesting a portion of the token supply. Vesting involves locking a certain amount of tokens over a specific period, demonstrating a commitment to hold the token. Bonding the token with a stable coin in a liquidity pool can also contribute to price stability.

Moreover, implementing liquidity mining programs can help stabilize token prices. By providing liquidity and participating in these programs, individuals agree to buy or sell a particular asset to support the project's growth in exchange for rewards. This increases transaction depth and enhances market price stability.

15 Unconventional Lessons About Life, Money, and Success:

  • 1. Don't wait to be happy: Happiness should not be dependent on external factors such as money or status. It is something that individuals must intentionally cultivate for themselves.
  • 2. Money isn't everything: While money is important, it should not be the sole focus of one's life. True success encompasses various aspects beyond financial wealth.
  • 3. Your satisfaction won't be unlocked by people, status, or money: True satisfaction comes from within and cannot be achieved solely through external factors.
  • 4. It's more important to be kind than intelligent: Kindness and empathy are qualities that have a greater impact on success and fulfillment than intelligence alone.
  • 5. You can't please everyone: Trying to please everyone is an impossible task. It is important to prioritize authenticity and stay true to oneself.
  • 6. Take risks: Taking calculated risks is essential for personal and professional growth. Stepping out of one's comfort zone often leads to great opportunities.
  • 7. Make great mistakes: Mistakes are inevitable, but the key is to learn from them and turn them into valuable lessons. Great mistakes can pave the way for even greater success.
  • 8. Be yourself - most of the time: Authenticity is important, but it is also essential to adapt and grow as circumstances change. Balancing authenticity and flexibility is key.
  • 9. You don't have to play fair: Success does not always come from playing by the rules. Sometimes, it is necessary to challenge norms and take unconventional approaches.
  • 10. Industriousness is your cheat code: Hard work and dedication are the secret ingredients for achieving success. Consistency and perseverance are crucial.
  • 11. Be persistent: Success rarely comes overnight. It requires persistence and the ability to keep going, even in the face of challenges and setbacks.
  • 12. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Growth happens outside of one's comfort zone. Embracing discomfort and pushing boundaries lead to personal and professional development.
  • 13. You're not as special as you think: Recognizing that everyone has unique talents and strengths helps foster humility and encourages collaboration.
  • 14. The real differentiators are resilience and grit: Success is not solely determined by talent or intelligence. Resilience and grit play a significant role in overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.
  • 15. There's no such thing as work-life balance: The notion of achieving a perfect balance between work and personal life is unrealistic. It is important to prioritize and make choices that align with personal values.


Creating a successful social token requires careful consideration of token design, distribution, and financial aspects. By understanding the key factors of token design, effectively distributing tokens to incentivize collaboration, and managing token stability, creators can increase the likelihood of building a thriving community.

In addition, embracing unconventional lessons about life, money, and success can provide creators with valuable insights and perspectives on their journey. By prioritizing happiness, kindness, authenticity, and resilience, creators can navigate the challenges they face and achieve true success.

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