The Importance of Product/Market Fit and the Potential of Brain-like AGI


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Jun 30, 2023

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The Importance of Product/Market Fit and the Potential of Brain-like AGI

In the world of startups and business management, the concept of product/market fit (PMF) plays a crucial role in determining success or failure. While the team and product are important factors, the market holds the key to a startup's trajectory. Conversely, in the realm of artificial intelligence, the idea of brain-like AGI has intrigued experts who believe that the neocortex holds the answers to intelligence. This article explores the significance of PMF in startups and the potential of brain-like AGI.

Understanding the Importance of Product/Market Fit

When it comes to startups, achieving PMF is vital for long-term success. PMF refers to the alignment between a product and the market it serves. Without PMF, even the most brilliant team and innovative product can falter. The market acts as the driving force, pulling the product out of the startup and creating a demand for it. In a great market with real potential customers, the team can be upgraded and adjusted as needed. On the other hand, a lousy market can render a fantastic product and team useless.

The market's dominance in a startup's success can be attributed to the fact that markets that don't exist don't care how smart you are. It's crucial for entrepreneurs to focus obsessively on reaching PMF, even if it means making difficult decisions such as changing team members, rewriting the product, or exploring different markets. Successful startups that have achieved PMF often cite various factors that contributed to their success, but at the core, it was the alignment between their product and the market that propelled them forward.

The Potential of Brain-like AGI

In the realm of artificial intelligence, the concept of brain-like AGI has been a subject of much fascination. Jeff Hawkins, in his book "A Thousand Brains," explores the idea that the neocortex, the organ of intelligence, holds the key to understanding intelligence itself. Hawkins argues that almost all capabilities we associate with intelligence, such as vision, language, music, and more, are created by the neocortex.

Contrary to the belief that the complexity of the neocortex is a hindrance, Hawkins suggests that it is the learned content, not the learning algorithm, that contributes to its complexity. He asserts that the neocortex's circuitry is remarkably similar across different regions, indicating that brain-like AGI can be achieved without replicating that complexity. Instead, finding the right learning algorithm and allowing it to construct the necessary machinery could lead to the development of brain-like AGI.

This idea challenges the notion that brain-like AGI is centuries away. By considering the neocortex as a relatively simple, human-legible learning algorithm, Hawkins suggests that brain-like AGI may already be within reach. This perspective opens the door to new possibilities and encourages further exploration into the potential of brain-like AGI.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Prioritize PMF: In the startup world, focus on achieving PMF above all else. Invest time and effort in understanding your market and ensuring that your product aligns with its needs.
  • 2. Embrace Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify potential customers and their pain points. This will help you tailor your product to meet their specific needs, increasing the likelihood of achieving PMF.
  • 3. Continual Learning and Adaptation: Just as the neocortex learns and adapts, startups must embrace a culture of continual learning and adaptation. Be open to feedback, iterate on your product, and make necessary changes to align with your market.


Product/Market Fit is a crucial aspect of startup success, as it ensures that a product resonates with its target market. While the team and product are important, the market holds the ultimate power. In the realm of artificial intelligence, the potential of brain-like AGI lies in understanding the neocortex's learning algorithm. By unlocking this knowledge, it may be possible to achieve brain-like AGI sooner than previously anticipated. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of startups and AI, it is essential to prioritize PMF and explore the possibilities that brain-like AGI presents.

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