Strategies for Effortless Learning: Combining Study Skills and the Wisdom of Non-Effort


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Aug 27, 2023

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Strategies for Effortless Learning: Combining Study Skills and the Wisdom of Non-Effort


Efficient learning requires effective study skills and a mindset of non-effort. By incorporating strategies for reading textbooks and embracing the wisdom of non-effort, students can enhance their ability to retain information and approach their studies with ease. This article explores the common points between these two concepts and offers actionable advice to help students optimize their learning process.

Strategies for Reading Textbooks:

Before Reading:

To maximize comprehension, it is essential to preview and question the material before diving into it. By grabbing a big picture and creating a list of questions, students can focus on the main topics and objectives of the text. This approach enables them to approach the material with a clear purpose and better understand the significance of the information they encounter.

While Reading:

During the reading process, it is crucial to reflect and highlight key passages that support central themes and concepts. However, it is important to be selective with highlighting, ensuring that it does not exceed 20% of the passage. Additionally, taking organized notes, visualizing information, and writing brief summaries can aid in understanding complex concepts and improve retention.

After Reading:

To solidify understanding and retain information, it is beneficial to recount and review the material. Teaching what you have learned to someone else not only reinforces your own knowledge but also allows for the identification of any gaps in understanding. Lastly, consistent review of the material within a day of the initial reading is recommended to reinforce learning and enhance long-term memory retention.

The Wisdom of Non-Effort:

Non-effort is a state of being that promotes relaxation, trust, and surrender. In the context of meditation, it involves sitting in a relaxed manner and paying attention to the present moment. When thoughts arise, they are acknowledged briefly before returning to the present. Similarly, in writing, non-effort is about trusting oneself and allowing ideas to flow naturally without force or strain.

By embracing non-effort, individuals tap into a different kind of wisdom that emerges when they relax and let go of excessive effort. This wisdom goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition and leads to a deeper understanding and connection with the world. Cultivating a relationship with life that involves relaxation, trust, and flowing with the natural rhythm can enhance overall well-being and learning experiences.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Notice and Pause: Become aware of moments when you find yourself exerting excessive effort. Pause, take a deep breath, and consciously relax your body. This awareness allows you to shift from a state of effort to one of non-effort.
  • 2. Trust and Flow: Once you have relaxed and created space, trust that something will emerge. Trust your intuition and choose from the heart. Allow ideas, clarity, and inspiration to flow effortlessly. Practice this trustful relationship with yourself and the learning process.
  • 3. Embrace Practice: Cultivating non-effortful learning requires practice. It may feel unfamiliar at first, but continue to relax, let go of unnecessary strain, and flow into the learning experience. With time and consistency, effortless learning will become a natural and effective approach.


By combining strategies for reading textbooks with the wisdom of non-effort, students can optimize their learning experience. The practice of previewing, reflecting, highlighting, taking notes, and reviewing helps in understanding and retaining information. Additionally, embracing non-effort promotes relaxation, trust, and a deeper connection with the learning process. By incorporating actionable advice and cultivating a mindset of non-effort, students can enhance their learning outcomes and enjoy a more effortless journey towards knowledge acquisition.

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