The Importance of Systems of Desire and Selling Work in Achieving Success


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Sep 29, 2023

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The Importance of Systems of Desire and Selling Work in Achieving Success


In our pursuit of success and personal growth, we often prioritize goal-setting. However, this article argues that focusing solely on setting goals can be counterproductive and even lead to self-flagellation. Instead, we should pay more attention to the systems of desire that shape our goals and aspirations. Furthermore, when it comes to AI startups, selling work rather than software can open up new opportunities and redefine success in the business world.

Understanding Systems of Desire:

Every goal we set is embedded within a system of desire. These systems are influenced by mimetic desire, which is the tendency to want what others want because they want it. We unconsciously imitate the desires of those around us, shaping our own goals based on societal expectations and the desires of others. To break free from this cycle, we need to step back and gain a clear understanding of the systems of desire that shape us.

The Power of Conformity:

Conformity plays a significant role in our desires. We find comfort in knowing that others are pursuing the same goals as us. However, it is essential to question where these desires originate. By understanding the systems of desire that influence those around us, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and different directions. It is through this exploration that we can find unique and authentic aspirations.

The Role of Systems of Desire in Education and Entrepreneurship:

The education system and college often lack a clear teleology or final purpose. Students can lose sight of their true desires as they conform to societal expectations and mimic the goals of their peers. Similarly, in the entrepreneurial world, the demand for quick-hitting investments can influence the desirability of tech start-ups. By recognizing these systems of desire, we can redefine our own paths and pursue genuine fulfillment.

The Dangers of Complacency:

To break free from the systems of desire that limit us, we must first acknowledge them. Complacency in our current systems hinders personal growth and prevents us from envisioning a better future. Falling in love with a better version of the future requires radical honesty about the desires that shape us. It is only through this recognition that we can challenge the status quo and strive for something greater.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Reflect on Your Desires: Take the time to reflect on the goals and aspirations you have set for yourself. Consider where these desires originate and whether they align with your true passions and values.
  • 2. Challenge the Status Quo: Dare to look in different directions and explore possibilities outside the systems of desire that surround you. Embrace your unique aspirations and seek out new opportunities that align with your authentic desires.
  • 3. Sell Work, Not Software: For AI startups, consider shifting the focus from selling software to selling work. Selling outcomes rather than productivity can open up new vertical opportunities and redefine success in the business world. Price your services relative to the cost of human labor and explore the competition beyond your own industry.


By understanding the systems of desire that shape our goals and aspirations, we can break free from societal expectations and pursue authentic fulfillment. Reflecting on our desires, challenging the status quo, and embracing unique opportunities are crucial steps towards achieving true success. Furthermore, in the business world, selling work instead of software can open up new avenues for growth and redefine traditional notions of productivity. It is through these actions that we can create a better future for ourselves and those around us.

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