Unleashing the Power of Engaged Users: Understanding the Power User Curve and Writing Like You Code


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Aug 09, 2023

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Unleashing the Power of Engaged Users: Understanding the Power User Curve and Writing Like You Code


In the digital age, understanding user engagement is crucial for entrepreneurs and startups. Power users, also known as highly engaged users, are individuals who not only love a product but also bring significant value to its network. One effective way to comprehend these power users is through the Power User Curve. This histogram, also referred to as the "L30" by Facebook's growth team, represents a user's engagement based on the total number of active days within a month. By analyzing this curve, we can identify groups of users who passionately engage with a product daily, as well as those who exhibit minimal engagement. The diversity within user engagement becomes apparent, offering valuable insights for product evaluation and improvement.

Connecting Writing and Coding:

Interestingly, the principles of good writing align closely with those of good coding. Both require simplicity, efficiency, and structure to effectively convey a message or solve a problem. Conversely, bad writing, like bad code, tends to be convoluted, inefficient, and lacking in structure. To "write like you code" means to adopt these principles in your writing style, ensuring that every word serves a purpose and enhances understanding.

Understanding the Power User Curve:

When visualizing the Power User Curve for different cohorts, we gain insights into how engagement evolves over time. This information proves valuable when evaluating the impact of product releases and feature changes. A positive curve resembling a "smile" indicates a thriving product with frequent user engagement. Social products with high engagement frequency are particularly suitable for monetization through advertisements, as they generate sufficient impressions to support an advertising business model. The Power User Curve can also indicate the need for effective monetization strategies during specific periods of a product's lifecycle.

Tailoring Analysis to Different Timeframes and Products:

It's essential to recognize that not all companies require a smile-shaped Power User Curve. Different product categories have distinct requirements, and not all benefit from high Daily Active Users (DAU) to Monthly Active Users (MAU) ratios. Some products, such as SaaS or productivity apps, may require analysis within a 7-day timeframe, while others may necessitate a 30-day analysis. By observing the changing trends over time, we can identify when a curve begins to bend, indicating the potential impact of significant product releases or marketing efforts.

Expanding the Power User Curve:

The Power User Curve can extend beyond app launches and logins to include central activities within a platform. As a CEO or product owner, it is crucial to design a platform that offers everyone a chance to succeed. Just as good code is understandable by a junior engineer, good writing should consider the mental resources of the reader. Attention span and memory become the writer's equivalent of CPU cycles and RAM. To combat reader boredom, incorporating frequent humor or insights throughout the writing can help engage the audience. Implementing the "Raymond Chandler rule," where readers experience an epiphany every 250 words, can be an effective mechanism to maintain engagement.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Simplify and structure your writing: Just as good code is simple and structured, aim for clarity and coherence in your writing. Eliminate unnecessary information and ensure each word contributes to the overall message.
  • 2. Consider the reader's attention span and memory: Like a CPU and RAM, the reader's mental resources are limited. Keep your writing concise and engaging, incorporating humor and insights to maintain their interest.
  • 3. Implement the "Raymond Chandler rule": Break down your writing into digestible chunks, ensuring readers have an epiphany or takeaway every 250 words. This rhythm helps sustain engagement and enhances the overall reading experience.


Understanding the Power User Curve provides valuable insights into user engagement, enabling entrepreneurs and startups to assess the impact of their products and make informed decisions. By incorporating the principles of good coding into our writing, we can create content that is simple, efficient, and engaging. Simplify and structure your writing, consider the reader's attention span, and implement the "Raymond Chandler rule" to keep readers hooked. Just as good code is a testament to efficient problem-solving, good writing has the power to captivate and inspire.

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