The Future of the Creator Economy: How Big Tech and AI are Shaping the Landscape


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Aug 12, 2023

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The Future of the Creator Economy: How Big Tech and AI are Shaping the Landscape


In recent years, the creator economy has experienced significant growth, with influencers and content creators demanding more rewards for their high-traffic content. Big tech companies have recognized the importance of retaining these creators and have begun implementing new features and monetization strategies to cater to their needs. Moreover, the influence of AI on media and content creation cannot be ignored, as it offers both opportunities and challenges for creators. In this article, we will explore how big tech and AI are shaping the future of the creator economy and discuss actionable advice for creators to thrive in this evolving landscape.

Big Tech's Response to the Creator Economy:

Big tech companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, have realized the potential of the creator economy and are actively working on providing better incentives and opportunities for content creators. Facebook, for instance, has introduced features like Stars, its native tipping system, which allows users to tip creators directly. Moreover, Facebook plans to allow creators to charge for access to Live Audio Rooms, further expanding monetization options. Amazon, on the other hand, has launched the Amazon Live Creator app, enabling influencers to earn commissions through livestream sales. Additionally, Twitch, owned by Amazon, has seen a significant increase in streaming hours and is exploring ways to boost ad revenue alongside subscription growth.

The Rise of Livestream Shopping:

Livestream shopping has emerged as a critical aspect of social commerce, and companies like Amazon are capitalizing on this trend. Taobao Live, a livestreaming platform in China, generated billions of dollars in sales during Singles' Day, demonstrating the potential of this format. As more platforms integrate livestream shopping into their strategies, it is expected to become an even more substantial part of the creator economy.

The Influence of AI on Media:

AI's impact on media and content creation cannot be underestimated. Media companies have been using de-risking strategies, such as summarizing existing work or creating sequels, to minimize the unpredictability of creativity. While these strategies have been effective for human creators, they also make it easier for AI to automate certain aspects of content creation. Summary-based media products, shorter pieces, and content arbitrages are all areas where AI can excel. However, this also means that individual creators will have more leverage to produce unique and in-depth content that is less amenable to automation.

Actionable Advice for Creators:

  • 1. Embrace platform diversity: To reduce dependence on any one platform, content creators should aim to be platform-agnostic and establish themselves as independent brands. This allows for greater flexibility and mitigates the risk of losing their audience if a particular platform undergoes changes.
  • 2. Utilize AI tools: Instead of fearing the automation potential of AI, creators should learn to leverage these tools to their advantage. AI can assist in content creation, research, and fact-gathering, enabling creators to produce higher-quality work more efficiently.
  • 3. Focus on long-form, original content: As AI becomes more capable of automating shorter and shallower content, creators can differentiate themselves by investing more time in creating longer, more engaging articles that require human creativity and expertise. By delving deeper into a subject and providing unique insights, creators can establish themselves as authorities in their respective fields.


The creator economy is undergoing a transformation, driven by the efforts of big tech companies and the integration of AI. While big tech aims to retain creators by offering better monetization options, AI presents both opportunities and challenges for content creation. By embracing platform diversity, utilizing AI tools, and focusing on original, long-form content, creators can position themselves for success in this evolving landscape. As the creator economy continues to grow, it is crucial for creators to adapt and seize the opportunities presented by these changes.

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