The Power of Engagement: Finding Meaning in Life and Business


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Jul 21, 2023

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The Power of Engagement: Finding Meaning in Life and Business


In both life and business, understanding engagement and finding meaning are crucial. Whether it's measuring user engagement or seeking a sense of purpose, these concepts are intertwined. This article explores the Power User Curve as a metric for measuring user engagement and the connection between religious faith and the sense of meaning in life. By examining these topics together, we can gain unique insights into the importance of engagement and purpose.

The Power User Curve and User Engagement:

For founders and product owners, measuring user engagement is essential for success. The Power User Curve, also known as the activity histogram or L30, provides valuable insights into user behavior. It depicts users' engagement based on the number of days they were active in a month. By analyzing this curve, companies can identify power users who contribute significantly to the network. While DAU/MAU is a common metric for engagement, it fails to capture the heterogeneity among users. The Power User Curve allows for a more nuanced understanding of user segments and can indicate the need for monetization strategies. Successive curves should ideally show users shifting towards higher levels of engagement, reflecting a strong and dedicated user base.

Religion and Perceived Meaning in Life:

The belief that religion is necessary for life to be meaningful is a common sentiment. Psychologists have explored the connection between religious faith and the sense of meaning in life. Perceived meaning can be defined as making sense of one's life, seeing value and significance in it, or feeling connected to something greater. Studies consistently show a positive correlation between religiousness and perceived meaning. Religious communities act as social glue, creating a sense of mattering to others. This connection between religion and social mattering contributes to the belief that life is meaningful. Additionally, religious faith offers a sense of cosmic significance, providing answers to existential questions and a belief in a grand plan or purpose.

The Connection between User Engagement and Perceived Meaning:

Examining the Power User Curve and the connection between religious faith and perceived meaning reveals common points. Both concepts emphasize the importance of community and mattering to others. Power users in businesses are highly engaged individuals who contribute value to the network, fostering a sense of mattering within their communities. Similarly, religious communities provide a sense of mattering to their members. Moreover, both engagement and religious faith offer a perception of cosmic significance. Power users feel a sense of purpose and importance in their contributions to a platform, while religious individuals believe they have a special relationship with a higher power and see their lives as part of a grand plan.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Identify your power users: Analyze your user engagement using the Power User Curve to identify your most engaged and valuable users. Tailor your strategies to nurture and retain these power users, as they contribute significantly to your platform's success.
  • 2. Foster a sense of mattering and community: Create an environment where users feel connected and valued. Encourage interaction and collaboration among users to build a strong community that fosters a sense of mattering.
  • 3. Explore cosmic significance: Consider how your platform or business can provide a sense of cosmic significance to users. Help them see the broader impact of their contributions and emphasize the purpose and meaning behind their involvement.


Understanding user engagement and finding meaning in life are interconnected concepts. The Power User Curve offers insights into user behavior and the importance of engagement for business success. Similarly, religious faith provides individuals with a sense of meaning and cosmic significance. By recognizing the common points between engagement and meaning, we can take actionable steps to cultivate engagement and purpose in both our personal and professional lives.

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