Accelerate Your Product Management Career: Beyond Aggregation and Amazon as a Service


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Jul 07, 2023

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Accelerate Your Product Management Career: Beyond Aggregation and Amazon as a Service

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it's crucial for professionals to stay ahead of the curve and continuously enhance their skills. This is especially true for product managers, who play a pivotal role in driving the success of a company’s products. In this article, we will explore two seemingly unrelated topics - the concept of aggregation and Amazon's foray into the service business model - and discuss how these insights can be applied to accelerate your product management career.

Aggregation is a term often associated with the collection and organization of data or content. However, when we look at Amazon's journey, we see that aggregation goes beyond just data. In late 2015, Amazon made a strategic mistake by closing its Webstore business and directing its customers to Shopify. This move, which was intended to be a partnership, ended up giving Shopify a significant advantage in the e-commerce space. But what Amazon realized is that the true value lies in logistics, not just aggregation.

Just as Amazon transformed from being a retailer to a services provider with AWS, it is now shifting its focus to logistics. The company aims to build out a logistics network that competes with established players like UPS and FedEx. This move not only allows Amazon to rein in shipping costs and improve reliability but also creates an opportunity for the company to offer its logistics network to third parties. By doing so, Amazon can increase returns to scale and deepen its moat in the industry.

As a product manager, it's essential to recognize the power of logistics and its impact on customer experience. Amazon's control over demand and its ability to provide an Amazon-like shipping experience gives it a tremendous advantage in the market. Customers have come to expect fast and reliable shipping, and if those expectations are not met, they will turn to other options. This is where Amazon's logistics network comes into play. By shipping via Amazon, merchants can provide the shipping experience that customers expect, ultimately driving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

So, how can you apply these insights to accelerate your product management career? Here are three actionable pieces of advice:

  • 1. Embrace the power of logistics: In a world where customer experience is everything, understanding the logistics behind your product's delivery is crucial. Look for opportunities to optimize shipping processes and build partnerships with logistics providers to ensure a seamless customer experience.
  • 2. Leverage data to differentiate: Just as Shopify differentiates itself from Amazon by offering a solution that doesn't collect customer data, you can leverage data in your product management role to gain a competitive edge. Use customer insights to drive decision-making and tailor your products to meet their needs and expectations.
  • 3. Stay ahead of industry trends: Keep a close eye on industry trends and innovations, especially in logistics and e-commerce. By staying informed and proactive, you can identify opportunities to bring new and exciting products to market, positioning yourself as a valuable asset to your organization.

In conclusion, accelerating your product management career requires a deep understanding of market dynamics and the ability to adapt to changing trends. By exploring concepts like aggregation and Amazon's foray into the service business model, you can gain valuable insights and apply them to your own professional development. Embrace the power of logistics, leverage data to differentiate, and stay ahead of industry trends to propel your career forward in the dynamic world of product management.

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