The Power of User Experience: From Product Onboarding to Education


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Jul 21, 2023

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The Power of User Experience: From Product Onboarding to Education


In today's fast-paced digital world, capturing and retaining users' attention is a constant challenge for product creators. One crucial moment that holds immense potential is the onboarding process, where users are introduced to the product and its features. Simultaneously, the education system has faced criticism for stifling creativity and discouraging innovation. In this article, we will explore the common themes between product onboarding and education, emphasizing the importance of understanding user experience and fostering creativity.

The Significance of User Experience:

Product onboarding is the gateway to user engagement. It presents an opportunity to make a lasting impression and ensure users understand the value and purpose of the product. Josh Elman, in his Medium article, highlights the importance of longer flows in onboarding, contrary to popular belief. While shorter flows may seem more efficient, longer flows allow users to grasp the product's intricacies and features more effectively. By immersing ourselves in the onboarding experience and questioning each step, we can identify areas for improvement and enhance user understanding.

Connecting Onboarding and Education:

Drawing parallels with the education system, we encounter a thought-provoking TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson. Robinson argues that schools often stifle creativity and hinder the development of innovative thinking. Similarly, in the onboarding process, users may feel restricted and nervous about making mistakes. By acknowledging this, product creators can empathize with the users' concerns and tailor the onboarding experience to alleviate anxiety. Just as Robinson encourages the education system to embrace creativity, product onboarding should nurture curiosity and empower users to explore the product's full potential.

Empathy and Continuous Improvement:

To create a successful onboarding experience, it is crucial to put ourselves in the users' shoes. Actively trying the onboarding process and questioning each step allows us to understand the users' perspective and identify pain points. By acting confused and considering the users' fear of doing something wrong, we can fine-tune the onboarding process to be more user-friendly. This empathetic approach ensures that users have a clear understanding of the product's purpose and functionality.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Conduct User Testing: Regularly test your onboarding process by involving individuals who are unfamiliar with your product. Observe their experience, ask for feedback, and identify areas for improvement. This external perspective will provide valuable insights into the clarity and effectiveness of your onboarding flow.
  • 2. Simplify and Streamline: While longer flows may seem counterintuitive, they offer opportunities for users to fully understand your product. However, it is essential to strike a balance and avoid overwhelming users with excessive information. Streamline the onboarding process by focusing on the most crucial features and gradually introducing advanced functionalities.
  • 3. Foster Creativity and Curiosity: Just as the education system should encourage creativity, your onboarding process should inspire users to explore and experiment. Incorporate interactive elements, gamification, and clear instructions that empower users to feel confident and curious about the possibilities your product offers.


From product onboarding to education, the underlying theme is the power of user experience. By immersing ourselves in the onboarding process, understanding user perspectives, and fostering creativity, we can create a seamless transition from user acquisition to product engagement. By constantly questioning and improving our onboarding process, we can ensure that users have a clear understanding of our product's value proposition and feel empowered to explore its full potential. Let us embrace the opportunity to captivate and engage our users, leaving a lasting impact on their journey with our products.

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