The Power of Learning and Adapting: From Personal Growth to AI War-Fighting


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Aug 26, 2023

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The Power of Learning and Adapting: From Personal Growth to AI War-Fighting


In the pursuit of success, both personal and professional growth are essential. Leaders who have achieved great success often attribute their growth to a combination of experiences, learning from others, and educational resources. However, many individuals struggle to extract meaning from their experiences and fail to fully embrace a learning mindset. This article explores the importance of personal growth, the role of feedback, and the potential of artificial intelligence in the military sector.

The Learning Mindset:

To continue growing, it is crucial to adopt a learning mindset. This mindset involves being attuned to learning while still striving for performance excellence. By identifying goals that focus on personal growth rather than proving oneself to others, individuals can create a conducive environment for continuous improvement. A learning mindset also entails actively seeking feedback from others to gain insights and enhance effectiveness.

Extracting Meaning from Experiences:

Merely going through experiences is not enough to facilitate growth. It is vital to approach significant experiences with a learning mindset and a specific focus on personal growth. This entails experimenting with different approaches, seeking feedback, and reflecting on the outcomes. By actively engaging with experiences, individuals increase their chances of gaining meaningful insights and developing their skills.

The Power of Flexing:

The power of flexing refers to a set of simple actions that can enhance effectiveness and promote growth. By embracing the power of flexing, individuals can make the most of their everyday experiences. This approach involves being open to new ideas, actively seeking feedback, and being adaptable to change. By continuously challenging oneself and being receptive to growth opportunities, individuals can ensure ongoing personal and professional development.

Eric Schmidt and AI in the Military:

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and chair of Alphabet, has taken on the mission of rewiring the US military with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to compete with China. Through his backing of Istari, a startup utilizing machine learning and virtual modeling, Schmidt aims to revolutionize the development of military hardware. By using digital twins and integrating separate components, the Pentagon can accelerate the process of designing and testing war machines.

The Role of AI in the Military:

AI has the potential to reshape military hardware, intelligence gathering, and backend software. The Defense Science Board recognizes the significance of AI-powered autonomy in shaping the future of military competition and conflict. However, the US military faces the challenge of adapting commercial technologies faster than its competitors. Collaborations with large tech companies and startups can provide access to critical tools and ideas. Schmidt's involvement highlights the value of government-private sector collaboration and the need for transparency and accountability in the process.


  • 1. Embrace a learning mindset: Strive for personal growth while maintaining high performance standards. Seek feedback and be open to new ideas and perspectives.
  • 2. Actively engage with experiences: Approach significant experiences with a focus on personal growth. Experiment, seek feedback, and reflect on outcomes to extract meaningful insights.
  • 3. Embrace the power of flexing: Be adaptable, seek feedback, and challenge yourself to ensure continuous growth and effectiveness.

In the pursuit of growth and success, individuals must prioritize their learning and adaptability. By adopting a learning mindset, actively engaging with experiences, and embracing the power of flexing, individuals can ensure ongoing personal and professional development. Furthermore, the potential of AI in the military sector highlights the importance of collaboration, transparency, and accountability in leveraging technology for national defense.

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