The Power of Unique Connections: Exploring the Rise and Fall of Popular Chat Apps and the Zwicky Box Method


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Aug 31, 2023

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The Power of Unique Connections: Exploring the Rise and Fall of Popular Chat Apps and the Zwicky Box Method


In today's digital world, chat apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. One such app, Houseparty, gained immense popularity in 2017, boasting 20 million users spending an average of 51 minutes on the app each day. Its mission was to introduce a sense of connection to online communication, filling a void that was missing in the current environment. This raises the question of what the essence of social networks truly is and how they have transformed over time. Instead of being a result of the transformation of social networks, today's social media platforms should focus on the importance of human connections over content. Houseparty, for instance, prioritizes simultaneous actions and connections between individuals, rather than individual actions like likes, comments, or retweets. This unique approach has resonated particularly well with the younger generation, with 60% of Houseparty's audience being 24 years old or younger.

The Zwicky Box Method:

In the realm of problem-solving and creativity, the Zwicky Box method provides a powerful tool. Developed by Fritz Zwicky, a renowned scientist, this method breaks down problems into categories, assigns values to each category, and combines these values to generate unique ideas and solutions. Zwicky, a Swiss astronomer, made significant contributions to various scientific fields and believed that the Zwicky Box could enhance our brain's efficiency by 100 times. By freeing ourselves from conventional thought patterns and thinking morphologically, we can shape the future based on bold and imaginative ideas rather than the limitations of existing institutions and investments.

Applying the Zwicky Box Method:

To illustrate the practical application of the Zwicky Box method, let's consider the example of developing a note-taking app for knowledge workers with a subscription-based revenue model. We can break down the problem into categories such as product features, target demographic, revenue model, unique features, and brand message. Here's how we can proceed:

Step 1: Figure out your categories:

  • Product Features: Note-taking capabilities, organization tools, collaboration options.
  • Target Demographic: Knowledge workers, professionals in various industries.
  • Revenue Model: Subscription-based model, freemium options, in-app purchases.
  • Unique Features: Bi-directional linking, networked thought capabilities.
  • Brand Message: Empowering productivity, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Step 2: Add the values:

For each category, brainstorm and list different values or ideas. For example:

  • Product Features: Voice recording, image annotation, seamless synchronization.
  • Target Demographic: Freelancers, creative professionals, students.
  • Revenue Model: Tiered subscription plans, corporate licensing, data analytics.
  • Unique Features: Smart search, AI-driven insights, integrations with popular tools.
  • Brand Message: Simplify complexity, amplify potential, connect minds.

Step 3: Create unique combinations:

Randomly select one value from each category and link them together to generate unique combinations. For instance:

  • Voice recording + Freelancers + Corporate licensing + Smart search + Simplify complexity.
  • Image annotation + Students + Tiered subscription plans + AI-driven insights + Amplify potential.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Simultaneous Actions: Consider how you can create experiences that foster simultaneous actions and connections among users. This can help cultivate a sense of community and enhance engagement.
  • 2. Think Morphologically: Challenge conventional thought patterns and explore bold, imaginative ideas. Free yourself from the limits of existing norms and envision a future shaped by your unique perspectives.
  • 3. Utilize the Zwicky Box Method: Break down complex problems into categories, add diverse values, and combine them to generate innovative solutions. This approach can unlock your creativity and lead to unique insights.


As social networks continue to evolve, it is crucial to prioritize human connections over mere content consumption. Houseparty's focus on simultaneous actions and real-time connections resonates with the younger generation, highlighting the importance of authentic interactions. Additionally, the Zwicky Box method offers a powerful approach to problem-solving and creativity, enabling us to break free from conventional thinking and generate unique ideas. By embracing simultaneous actions, thinking morphologically, and utilizing the Zwicky Box method, we can unlock our potential for innovation and shape the future of social interactions and problem-solving.

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