The Intersection of Creativity, Curation, and Web3: Exploring New Frontiers


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Jul 20, 2023

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The Intersection of Creativity, Curation, and Web3: Exploring New Frontiers


In this article, we will explore the fascinating connection between creativity, curation, and the emerging Web3 landscape. We will delve into Arthur Koestler's theory of bisociation and its application to humor, art, and science. Additionally, we will discuss the curator economy and how it can be monetized in the Web3 era. By connecting these seemingly disparate topics, we will uncover unique insights and actionable advice for creators, curators, and platform owners alike.

The Power of Bisociation:

Arthur Koestler's theory of bisociation reveals the underlying pattern in the creative act. It involves perceiving a situation or idea in two self-consistent but habitually incompatible frames of reference. This concept is exemplified by the pun, where a single phonetic form is tied together by an acoustic knot, connecting two strings of thought. Bisociation allows for the independent and autonomous merging of matrices, leading to objective novelty and subjective originality. While art and humor thrive on the transitory juxtaposition of matrices, science integrates them into a cumulative and hierarchic order. This re-structuring of mental organization can have revolutionary or destructive implications, highlighting the transformative power of creativity.

The Rise of the Curator Economy:

The evolution of Web3 protocols has opened up new avenues for monetizing curation and empowering creators to build communities around their work. Curators play a crucial role in qualifying, filtering, and refining relevant content, adding value to creators' endeavors. However, traditional platforms have often overlooked the contribution of curators, leaving them unrewarded for their influence. With over 300 million curators worldwide, there is an untapped potential in leveraging their social capital.

The Role of Curators in Web3:

Curators create focused interest graphs, representing networks of individuals bound by expressed recurring public interests. Their social capital is earned through their ability to identify and share high-quality content. To scale curation in a decentralized manner, platforms must rethink their approach and find innovative ways to incentivize user-generated curation and content moderation. By incorporating social tokens, curators can be rewarded for their efforts, leading to a more inclusive and vibrant curator economy. This symbiotic relationship between creators and curators can help both parties grow their awareness and community.

Actionable Advice for Creators, Curators, and Platforms:

  • 1. For creators: Embrace the power of curators to expand your reach and engage with a wider audience. Collaborate with curators whose interests align with your content and leverage their networks to foster community growth.
  • 2. For curators: Explore the opportunities presented by Web3 protocols and social tokens. Engage with platforms that value and reward your curation efforts. Continuously refine your skills and develop a unique perspective to stand out in the crowded digital landscape.
  • 3. For platforms: Recognize the importance of curators in shaping content feeds and enhancing user experiences. Implement mechanisms to incentivize and support user-generated curation, allowing for a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem.


The intersection of creativity, curation, and Web3 presents exciting possibilities for the future of content creation and consumption. By understanding the power of bisociation in creative acts and harnessing the potential of curators in the Web3 era, we can unlock new frontiers of innovation. By embracing these concepts and implementing actionable advice, creators, curators, and platforms can collectively shape a more vibrant and rewarding digital landscape for all.

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